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Me Speaking On The Mic For The First Time At A General Assembly (Los Angeles) CNN Report That Supports The Claims I Have Been Making Talking About What I Saw In Oakland & S.F. On The Ground In Oakland October 25, 2011 Latimesblog.latimes.com uses PFUNK1 Occupy Oakland Teargas Video Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles: Norwood …

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NAMM JAM – Jara Harris & Norwood Fisher – Jan 21, 2016 – Costa Mesa, Ca 48 Photos Prince Second Line New Orleans Apr 15, 2016 43 Photos Mt Shasta On My 54th Birthday 54 Photos NAMM 2016 Wimbash 27 Photos Steelers @ Kansas City 9 Photos P-Funk Oakland Grass Valley Apr 2016 43 Photos NAMM 40 Photos   Share this:

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This Is Fiction: Why I Forever Stopped Lieing

This Is Fiction: The Day I Forever Stopped Lying

The story I am about to tell is fictitious, but there will be many illusions of truth in it. I want to be very upfront and make this very clear; these are NOT true or actual events that I am about to describe to you. For you see when I was young I was an …

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