One Sweet Delicious Blur

when work day 6 of 7 straight falls on a monday. one sweet delicious blur. said with 90% sincerity. work home sleep repeat: life simplified. comfort in familiar regiment. finance the lifestyle. location location location- physically and mentally. spaces and places. real, imagined, recalled and anticipated experience all rolled into a continuing moment i call the blur.


when there’s enjoyment even in my irritability. which i seem to have a bunch of at this moment. on work day 6 it’s no surprise. throw in the shift change and the disruption of my sleep cycle. i’m doing well. haven’t had my dose of pub mix yet, that will brighten me up some. not that i want to be brightened up. enjoy your “kiss my ass” moods. funk airbody. just leave me be. for now. it’s so good.

it all very truly is sooooo good…

working on pub mix cup #2

the cheesy mini crunchy bread stick looking ones are my fave

with that 6 day kiss my ass grumpiness comes a type of adrenaline boost that has me hittin’ on all cylinders work wise. i’m sharp, confident and killin’ it with swagger. knockin’ calls and e-mails out like superman. one thing i do very well is focus my energy. once i realize i’m having an emotional type energy surge or drop i can manage it. the trick is recognizing it before it takes you to the no return zone where it becomes very difficult to handle.

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