My Latest Hypothesis About Our Origins

My latest hypothesis is that life, the process of life, and/or the life creating/ inducing mechanism began before the creation of this universe. Thereby giving this process an all but infinite time to develop and evolve.563677_10151625604192125_2136977901_n

How life and it all started We and I have no clue, but through the sciences we are able to observe, predict and understand processes which produce life and physical things in this universe. It is very, very complex but can be broken down to many, many simple systems working in a mind boggling harmony. And all these simpler systems need is time and chance opportunities to occur. In a single 15 billion year old universe scenario the probability of life is virtually impossible (thats where Gods come in), but once we give the process infinite time and possibilities life becomes all but inevitable.

My previous idea was that the life generating process had to be older than this universe in Big Bang scenario, and I imagined something would have to survive singularity. But with my mulitple universe idea, a life generator can exist outside of any individual universe and “seed” that particular physics. This gives creation trillions upon trillions upon trillions of “years” and an all but infinite amount of “universes” the chance or opportunity to happen.


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