There was a status posted on Facebook asking what one thing would you get rid of. Hate, racism, disease, Trump, poverty, Satan, etc. I usually don’t respond to these kind of exercises, but I did stating “ignorance.”

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Sloth Avoided

man o’man did yesterday start off super slothy. went to bed relatively late after seeing alvin ailey dance troupe do “Lazarus” at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

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jefferyTV Podcastic: Why Did God Create Us?

Why did God create us? What is God’s plan for us? What is our goal? What or who defines “success?”

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Welcome to the jefferyTV Podcastic. Me talking to me for everybody to hear.

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joy from understanding

excitement in accomplishment


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A Life Of Minimal Compromise

you know how you may get this or do that or go there and all of a sudden nobody can tell you nothing? and you’re too busy living to be bothered with anybody’s mundane existence?

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Like A Room Without A Roof…

harmony with everything around you does not mean being totally wimpy and completely going with any flow. i have an obligation to maintain and orchestrate my energy to attain not only proper balance, but to protect myself and steady the flow of energy around me. should external experience and or energy around me go awry the part i play is crucial is steadying things. with harmony comes responsibility.

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Funk, Funky And The Origin of FUNK

James Brown is the Godfather of soul as the pioneer of music “on the one.” This music is “funky,” but not FUNK. Native American music is on the one, is that funk too? NO!! What Mr. Collins and Mr. Clinton did was have EVERY instrument “come down” on the one. JB “just” had an emphasis on the one and this music “swang up” from it. Bootsy has stated in video that what he and GC did was have every instrument play on the one and not only was that new, it created what a lot of people think FUNK is today. Mr. Collins and Mr. Clinton may be paying respect to JB and or even are humble in not realizing exactly what they did in Mothership Connection. AND funk is also not just the beat, its the philosophy behind that music and P-FUNK is the undeniable creator of the ideology behind what funk is today.

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