Swangin’ Oakland On The Cheap

a motel 6 hotel room, a long long time ago

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P-FUNK 20000204 Key Club

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One Nation Tour 2019-08-18 – Las Vegas, NV

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I Oppose Any Form Of Censorship

The “P” stands for pure

I have never blocked anything or anyone because of its stance or opinion

I’m more attracted to that which most severely “disagrees” or doesn’t line up with my thought and perception. I find my biggest thrills and excitement within those conflicts

censorship is subjective and thereby determined by the gatekeeper. information and data should be completely free flowing

You can’t erase history no matter how much you try to hide it from sight. The history will always be in your blood whether you confront it or not

I get an euphoria from the perception of being completely open to everything around me. there is a massive freedom in that which opens many routes and opportunities while on this journey. It also frees my mind vastly feeling I am “open” to any and everything

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Yes, I Am Most Comfortable

Oh yeah I’m most definitely comfortable. My personal life experience has presented me with nothing to be mad about. Hell I may even be incapable of hosting chronic or long-term anger. I am what my life and my choices have made me.


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The Commercialized Holidays

i guess as i got older the way i looked at “commercialized” holidays changed. yes, a bunch of the holidays are superficial to an extent but that’s part of the fun in it. to be a part of the mass participation and exploitation. and for me to very obnoxiously be a part.

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More Random About My 4 days Off

woke up after an hour of sleeping at like 1130pm and decided to just get a taste of something not even a snack just a taste and of course it got out of hand and triggered something deeper and that’s when i looked in the goodies cupboard to be surprised by a big bag of doritos i forgot i bought and it was on. took some drink and a small bowl of them heavenly flavored chips back to bed to only get up 6 minutes later to fill up another bowl….

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Triggered: Black Americans Are Doing Great Under Trump

that is more my point than anything. for the most part I really don’t care, it seems it’s all theater for the masses. but what does concern me is the almost complete breakdown of discussion and as you said the demonization of any opposition.

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