Universe Shattering Disaster Averted

I almost forgot to moisturize my face today. WHEW!! Universe shattering disaster averted…

well, mr scale said 213.6 this morning. a number i’m not mad at, and possibly encouraged by. seeing how i went to sleep too early, woke up and had a in bed snack of UTZ Pub Mix and strawberry gooey cheesecakey stuff. it was sooooooo good. ate the salty and the sweet with fruit punch laying in bed watching a NFL network program about Paul Brown. i didn’t realize how great and what kind of impact he had on the game i most love. and he did it in Cleveland! then went to Cincinnati after the team that bears his name fired him. Continue reading

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the diversity of people, the craziness, hollywood, music, creativity, being in the mecca of the entertainment business- but being able to have a job outside of it. it don’t snow. its liberal in a sense of a social anything goes. the decadence of it- not las vegas decadent but close and far away enough from vegas!!! its a hustle out here and i like the somewhat chaos that hustle can present. some of the biggest opportunities can be found in chaos! LOL so many people are acting or playing a part to the point the part they are playing is real and viable. big city stuff but unlike NYC its spread out so you can drive and i love to drive and roadtrip. science and learning and the beaches and every time i go back home ain’t nothing like seeing places ive worked at or frequent on tv or in movies…


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More About Happy

Worked until midnight last night and had to be back in the chair at 11:30 am, so I didn’t get my usual extended hours of sleep. Continue reading

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It Feels Good To Feel Good

being in a good mood makes everything better. who knew?

my happy does not exist in a vacuum. it CANNOT be produced without the interaction of EVERYTHING around me- that means good and bad. my happy is most probably based on how i handle and interpret the totality of reality. how i process life and how that determines my worldview. so when i wake up in the morning i’m already on the plus side of happy and have cultivated the capability, resources and opportunities to get more. i monitor and protect my happy. happy don’t come by accident, no matter how much one is given. happy has to be worked at on a very personal individual basis. NOBODY can just give you happy, and more than likely its something you have to “fight” to have (and definitely maintain).


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Name The Funkiest Drummer You’ve Heard

Barry Chenault

Actually, let me clarify that. There is a structure and style that I most favor and when creating music go there. Mr. Chenault plays this style or whatever better than I can imagine it. Now I love me some Funk and there are many varieties of it but I like mine with tempo, space and regiment it’s damn near military like. With funky nuances right where they should be. Continue reading

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I’m Flat…

i’m flat. been operating at +5 for so long being at +1 almost feels depressed. i’m aware that my +1 is probably a +5 to most folks. no threats, no peril, no warnings, no worries. the sun is shining and the water’s clear. sitting on top of maslow’s hierarchy in rodin’s thinker pose wearing a “been there, done that” t-shirt. content, relaxed, happy. settling it in so i can enjoy this period of non-excitement. drifting into a reflective mindset. a time i frequently turn to express via writing, as a severe focus can be achieved. possibly coming down off the high that was 2017…

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What Really Matters?

what really matters? does anything REALLY matter or is it all subjective and relative. is the only thing that counts determined solely by each individual? i’ve said many times before we don’t know what the “goal” is. without a goal there is no right, wrong, up or down. until it is determined what we are here for or what we are trying to achieve, nothing matters. life is the most precious thing we know. conscious is the greatest. for me the goal of life is life, meaning survival. what the importance of the survival of life is we may never know. and if we did, would that be a good thing? could that be a good thing? is knowing your fate a positive for humans the way our evolution has wired our thinking and instincts? Continue reading

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I’m Not Saying The Thrill Is Gone…

i hadn’t planned on it. i was perfectly content watching the game on TV and saving the money should the Steelers play in the AFC Championship game. still in bed new year’s day checking my e-mail, i was alerted that NFL sanctioned playoff tickets went on sale. so i clicked clicked just to see what was out there as the opponent has not been named and hell at that time nor had the date or time. seat location, price. i’ve come to all but depend on the severe advantages and good deals when purchasing a single seat, soooooo…. Continue reading

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