20151007_235236rac·ism (rā′sĭz′əm)
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
if i believe that a particular race sings, dances and plays sports better than any other race on the planet by far, does that make me a racist?

i maybe have just now realized that in the definition of “racist” is a belief of superiority. don’t we all believe our “race” is superior in at least one way?
this would explain the term “white superiority” being thrown around so much lately

I think NOT talking about it is more dividing than voicing opinions. Segregation comes from isolation. A lot of people feel the same way I do, as do feel what you are saying. Acting like we don’t feel this way in an effort not to divide is fueling the issue.

sure in my style i may use tactics in my delivery, but if the issue wasn’t “real” it wouldn’t spark such a reaction in you and others. ms southgate i respect your opinion and always look forward to when you and others give me an answer that resonates with me and makes practical sense in terms that as a rational person i will “have to” accept. but all i get back is rainbows and bunnies lets all get along we are all the same and i don’t by that. if it not “race” then what is it that explains the differences between us properly? i truly believe we are NOT the same just as a german shepard is not the same as a poodle.

in the macro sense sure one is no better than the other, but clearly there are things that one does better than the other. be it fast twitch muscles or a longer nose to warm cold air or a stumpier body build these differences are real.

i also believe we DON”T have to believe we are the same to get along and not divide. i believe in celebrating and cherishing our differences (as i believe a LOT of black people do). now there will be those of us who will take that to extreme levels and inspire hate but pretending we are the same to eradicate that behavior is not going to work.

and i think you know i love everything, i just don’t like everything. or better stated i prefer certain styles and or things over others. and i voice my opinion. does this make me a divider? i feel sometimes a clear division must be made to recognize a difference to maintain and protect something that is fading away as it is being diluted into a homogenized mainstream. there are things in black culture that are going away in the name of diversity and togetherness. this happens to all cultures or groups as they assimilate im sure.

dancing on beat is just an example, so those of us who prefer (or require) this retreat into our own segregated groups to find it. people like me voice my opinion and am called a divider even though i venture out to find things such as dancing on beat. where i could simply just go to venues where i find this and be quiet about it. not my style.

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