Rainyday ramblings while dvd renders…

Its raining in Los Angeles for the 4th straight day. It has me in a mood, not a “bad” mood but a mellow sedate reflective one. One that is good for hibernating. Things are going well for me so to speak as “well” is very relative.┬áSome people would surely say I was not doing well, even though I’m happy. Happy, yet not content. Which can be a good thing…

One cool thing I have verified is the quality of Sirrus Satelite Radio station “The Heat.” I had listened to it before when I had a rental and it was good, real good. I hadn’t heard quality R&B in so long I thought it did not exist anymore. Flowing, smooth, funky, syncopated, harmonized the way only black americans can do it. The key here is that the music is modern and being made by the “kids” of today. It has progressed as music should have from one era to the next and it feels up to date. Even the subject matter is a major improvement over what we call “mainstream” R&B.

I love me some Enterprise Rent-a-car. Walking distance from my house and $34 weekend (Fri-Sun) specials make my life so much more exciting and accessible. That and public transportation has been a pleasant lifestyle change. If only temporary.

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