Randoms – 20190410

20190410: I feel good and kickin’ ass at work. I like the less animated more focused me. I’m getting stuff done regarding my business hobby and the jefferyTV brand. Podcasts and music on ITunes, Spotify, etc.


Preparing for a major trip vacation things are managed and very in order. I impulsed bought a drum stool and it arrived Sunday night. it took awhile to get them properly setup- I even had to repair the drum pads. Adjusting, positioning, wiring, etc. Anyways I got it going and it was fun and entertaining. Not only was I doing something that kept me from eating, I actually broke a little sweat!

Yeah, got the podcast structure setup on my website and submitted to the major sites. ot word Apple / iTunes approved me. The trick is getting things setup properly on your site. Episode submission to the sites is automated and uses a properly defined and constructed RSS feed. Took me a little while to figure all that out and which app or to use a provider or host myself etc etc. The fun part is now going back over hundreds of videos I made of me talking and processing them to podcast quality.. With my increased hardware, software and experience capabilities I very very like the sound and production quality I’m getting. It doesn’t seem like I’m kickin’ ass but very much stuff is getting done.

Playing the drums last night was very stimulating. Way more than I thought it would be. Felt like something that I could be into for a minute. After about an hour or so it sounded good to me. Considering this is like my first time ever seriously on a kit.

Feels like I haven’t had pizza in forever. It’s been frozen Kroger ribs and shoestring french fries. I bought baby spring salad and eat that in the evenings. TV dinners for lunch at work and have been staying away from the snacks. Doing my 10K steps my weight is down and I feel good. Mr Scale said 214.2 today, which was .4 lbs up from yesterday. Considering that yesterday was a day off and the damage I usually do on those days, I was happy.

My next day off is tomorrow and I hope to do as well. Tomorrow is also my last day off before leaving this continent. 7 straight work days and then I’m going down under.

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