Smart Is The New Sexy

Me In San Leandro, Ca

Me In San Leandro, Ca

“i think the “smart is the new sexy” or “new rich” trend is replacing the “ghetto fab” fad which has been dominant in media and society. its seems no longer trendy to be dumb, tough and cool and i simply look at it as a passing fad like bell bottoms.”

“tell mr stewart i am a primary example of why the “smart is sexy” trend started!! LOL ive always been able to get along on the street or in academia or at a corporate level and never used toughness or “sexy” to get me by. and i will say this, one time a long time ago like in the 80’s danny jokingly told me i was too happy to be black! LOL to this day i remember that statement cause one i thought it was brilliant and two cause it helped me to better understand how i may be perceived and it explained a lot of the reactions i get from people, both “positive” and “negative” and from white folks and blacks folks. i’ve told that story many times and have used an evolved understanding of that statement since that day when interacting with people.”

” ive never really “fit” (and didn’t want to) into any basic stereotype and have lived with this all my life. and living in liberal california AND since it seems my “stereotype” is very popular right now “my kind” is on the come up!!!! i can get down (on beat LOL) with the best at night in the club and talk physics with scholars and buddy up with CEO’s during the day. i participated in the trendy “ghetto” fad and it was cool, but it was always just a fad to me just like it is to white kids in the suburbs. i never lived it. just like i’ve never lived the life of a scholar or a CEO or a religious saved person or a thug or that of an athlete. 50 years of life and all i know is i have acquired the confidence to be me!! i’m jeffery and “i’m me” and people say that about themselves but i really really really mean i am my own individual self and i love that more than anything! (the prime example is the balls it takes to openly not believe in God where EVERYONE you’ve always known and see even on tv believes).” 

to me that’ s a true freedom and it is magical and euphoric!!!


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