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20150610_001549I’m much more comfortable closer to disagreement than when there is no dissension. Even if I have to be the sole voice of conflict to find that comfort. And should I find there is total 100% agreement and in sincerity I cannot find any reason to dissent, I lose interest and separation begins.

There are also situations that conflict so sharply with my understanding that i gracefully distance myself to gain the independence I need to maintain my outspoken opinion and intentions.

I love what social networking and the media is doing. It’s exposing religious beliefs to real life situations on a stage where everyone can see just how faith stands up to real world issues. Out of the darkness come the details of religious text and history no longer hidden and undiscussed. We gonna talk about the fine details and all the kids got Google so it won’t be long before vague ancient principles and beliefs are given up for modern explanations and solutions.

It’s simply just a matter of time

And it’s not that I despise religion and want to see it eradicated because of a personal grudge. I sincerely believe the world will be a smarter, more capable place focusing our energy and understanding in more practical, tested and proven ideas and solutions

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