Something “Niggas” Can Do That No One Else On The Planet Can

A few years ago in which became my 2nd most viewed YouTube video (The Word Is Nigger), I made the comment that there are things that “niggas” can do that no one else on the planet can.  This is one of the most beautiful examples of this I may have ever seen.

I went on to clarify what I feel is the difference between “Niggas,” “Niggers,” “Blacks” and “Afircan Americans.” I believe that “Nigga” is Black American only, where a “nigger” can be any race or nationality. 

This video clearly shows a combination of rhythm, ability and a creativity that no on but black americans have. There is a groove or vibration that ONLY “niggas” can truly express.

And this groove
may be the most imitated thing
in entertainment history.!/video/video.php?v=1664492411895


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