Street Niggers And Me

IMAG0899One day one of these street niggers (not “niggas”) gonna come up at me cause I walk by way too proudly smiling way too hard looking them in the face cause I got a job and a career and am happy to be making it work within the system. And Im sure they young gotta be loud cause they got nothing else asses can feel it too. Its one thing to be at a disadvantage and have challenges, and its another to b…e openly public and aggressively disruptive because of it. Oh yeah, chin high smiling with my badge, fountain pens and sack lunch going to work for the man! LOL I am so very proud of the career I have worked and studied to establish for myself and the biggest bonus is its no accident that I love doing what I do.

@xxxxxx Fuck that. I cant fall down to that level and its thinking like that which gives these niggers confidence to be on the corner in the hood. I dont give a damn how bad it gets i will not resort to being that or doing that. Its one thing to be homeless and its another to be disruptive, criminal and be proud of being that. And hell yes im judging!!! Cause I EARNED THE RIGHT TO JUDGE!!!!! Does my judging mean anything? Maybe not but i have that right!!

My son is trying to get caught up in that shit and he has no reason to be. From where i sit its a choice he is making. And do i feel the same way towards him as i do them niggers? YES!!! And ive told him that to his face. Media, music, the glorification of criminals, whatever it is it is real and black people got a problem they need to solve and i believe part of the problem is your kind of “dont judge” thinking that says “oh well, he been to prison, he is ok” NO!!!!! I aint for that if you do the crime you not only do the time you live with it for the rest of your life. And do i think im “better” than ex convicts? YES i do!!! Why? Simply cause i kept my ass out of prison!!!!!! Black folks seem to want to overlook that. Yeah God aint the only one who can judge you future employers can too. And how you gonna support yourself without the judgement of an employer????

@xxxxxx and thats cool!! I dont mind being somebodys nigger!! That doesnt slow me down at all!! People have the right to judge and have their own opinion!! And mrs stewart i dont give a damn how bad things get there are certain things YOU would NOT stoop to doing. If that makes us better than some people in certain ways, so be it. It may not make us a better person than somebody else, but there are things some people do better than others and living life is one of them.

And im not saying black people are the only ones who need or should better themselves, im saying aint nobody gonna better black people but black people!! It starts with us!!! And the things i see glorified in the black community i judge to be not going in a direction that will better black people. Thats my opinion, my judgement and im allowed to have one just like any God you can show me.

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