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2017-06-05recording session mark leejefferytv
2017-06-05head surgeryangela castellano - van nuys, ca
2017-06-03trulio disgracias
downtown brown
maui sugarmill - tarzana, ca
2017-06-02recording session lloyd majorjefferytv
2017-06-02recording session kensworth perigenjefferytv
2017-05-28funk houseskinnys lounge - north hollywood, ca
2017-05-21trulio disgracias
lily haydn
dr madd vibe and the missing links
venice beach spring fling - venice beach, ca
2017-05-18state historical museumred square - moscow, russia
2017-05-17goodman steak housemoscow, russia
2017-05-17st basilred square - moscow, russia
2017-05-17lenin mausoleumred square - moscow, russia
2017-05-17gumred square - moscow, russia
2017-05-15p-funko2 academy - bristol, united kingdom
2017-05-15stonehengesalisbury , united kingdom
2017-05-14westminister abbey
big ben
picadilly circus
london, england
2017-05-13p-funko2 academy - london, england
2017-05-13john ryland library
manchester town hall
manchester, england
2017-05-12p-funko2 academy - manchester, england
2017-05-11arrival united kingdomlondon gatwick airport
2017-05-06funk parade after jamprince hall - washington, dc
2017-05-06clones of funkfunk parade - washington, dc
2017-05-05brides of funkenstein
clones of funk
ivy's smokehouse - washington, dc
2017-04-30choi's chicken & troutbaltimore, md
2017-04-30funk houseskinny's - north hollywood, ca
2017-04-28recording session (lee, sanders)jefferytv
2017-04-22jesse johnsonbunkers bar & grille - minneapolis, mn
2017-04-22the timepaisley park - chanhassen, mn
2017-04-21the revolutionpaisley park - chanhassen, mn
2017-04-21the basilica of st maryminneapolis, mn
2017-04-20p-funkpaisley park - chanhassen, mn
2017-04-15recording session (sanders)jefferytv
2017-03-27recording session (kenny crawford, mark lee)jefferytv
2017-03-26funk houseskinny's lounge - north hollywood, ca
2017-03-10recording session (mello nublu, mark lee)jefferytv
2017-02-18p-funkexpress live - columbus, oh
2017-02-16p-funkstage ae - pittsburgh, pa
2017-02-14meeting probate lawyerhubbard, oh
2017-02-12funkhouse nightskinny's lounge - north hollywood, ca
2017-02-11screening: tear the roof offpan african film festival - baldwin hills, ca
2017-02-05superbowl partymommy's - loma linda, ca
2017-01-29recording session (wan brown, sanders, lee, phil)jefferytv
2017-01-20nammanaheim convention center
2017-01-15steelers @ kansas cityarrowhead stadium - kansas city, mo
2017-01-13recording session (lee, houston)jefferytv
2016-12-31p-funkbrooklyn bowl - las vegas, nv
2016-12-30p-funkthe depot - salt lake city, ut
2016-12-28p-funkthe norvo - los angeles, ca
2016-12-26p-funkthe observatory - san diego, ca
2016-12-25xmas dinnerlauries - san bernardino, ca
2016-12-24xmas evelauries - san bernardino, ca
2016-12-23recording session (lee, houston)jefferytv
2016-12-09trulio disgraciasthe hotel cafe - hollywood, ca
2016-12-09head surgeryangela castellano - van nuys, ca
2016-12-03masonic halllos angeles, ca
2016-12-03red lobsteringlewood, ca
2016-12-02recording session (sanders, brown, feldman, lee)the hotel cafe - hollywood, ca
2016-11-25weapon of choicethe hotel cafe - hollywood, ca
2016-11-24thanksgiving dinnermommys - loma linda, ca
2016-11-20recording mixing session (nero, altimaro)jefferyTV
2016-11-19jean's bday family partysan marino, ca
2016-11-02sal's kitchenmartinez, ca
2016-11-02child support courtmartinez, ca
2016-11-01oz korean bbqsacramento, ca
2016-10-30mountain mikes pizzasacramento , ca
2016-10-22sir funk's funk jamlancaster, ca
2016-10-12 birthday fightchateau shasta - mt shasta, ca
2016-10-11pre-birthday firechateau shasta - mt shasta, ca
2016-10-08trulio disgraciaseagles club - venice beach, ca
2016-09-26breakfastperko's cafe & grill - sacramento, ca
2016-09-25dinnerfat city bar & cafe - old town sacramento, ca
2016-09-25vape pen purchaseabout smoke shop - sacramento, ca
2016-09-25america river access sunrisesacramento, ca
2016-09-25brunchperko's cafe & grill - sacramento, ca
2016-09-18p-funk shelia e ozomatlisanta cruz mountain sol festival - santa cruz, ca
2016-09-17katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2016-09-05we! recording session (major, sanders, lee)jefferytv
2016-09-03jai-alai (bar, billards, juke box)hermitage, pa
2016-09-03daddy's burialamerica's cemetery - hermitage, pa
2016-09-03daddy's funeralruth ame zion church - sharon, pa
2016-09-02quaker steak & lube (remi)gardena, ca
2016-09-01belleria pizza (sausage sandwich)youngstown, oh
2016-09-01waffle house (kimberly)girad, oh
2016-08-22daddy's passingriverside, ca
2016-08-13kimberly's wedding & receptionyoungstown, oh
2016-08-11family bbqjoe & terri's - youngstown, oh
2016-08-10miss richardsons 93rd bday dewey st porch partyyoungstown, oh
2016-08-07p-funkstambaugh auditorium - youngstown, oh
2016-07-29mark lee recording sessionjefferytv
2016-07-12mt shasta tripchateau shasta - mt shasta, ca
2016-07-04bbq (homemade ice scream)mommy's - loma linda, ca
2016-06-26oly's funk jam 5gardena, ca
2016-06-25p-funkthe grove - anaheim, ca
2016-06-23p-funkbelly up - solana beach, ca
2016-06-22p-funk fishbonebrooklyn bowl - las vegas, nv
2016-06-04weedfestweed, ca
2016-06-04life path \ destiny readingshambhala center - mt shasta, ca
2016-06-04campingmcbride springs campground - mt shasta, ca
2016-06-03black bear cafemt shasta, ca
2016-06-03showerslake siskiyou beach - mt shasta, ca
2016-06-02the childs 8th grade graduartionsan bernardino, ca
2016-06-02 mt shasta brewing companyweed, ca
2016-05-16roscoe's chicken and waffles (with kimberly and kyle)hollywood, ca
2016-05-13funky fridays (henderson, kimberly, kyle)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-05-07p-funkhouse of blues - cleveland, oh
2016-05-06family bbqyoungstwon, oh
2016-04-25prince second lineohh pah doo bar - new orleans, ca
2016-04-24p-funkthe republic - new orleans, la
2016-04-15p-funk- grass valley, ca
2016-04-14p-funkthe new parish  - oakland, ca
2016-04-08 funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-03-25funky fridays (henry, tate, raven)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-03-23moms bbq (mr t)van nuys, ca
2016-03-19overton lloyd - rhythm of visionca african american museum - los angeles, ca
2016-03-18funky fridays (henderson)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-03-11funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-02-22we recording session (lee, sanders)jefferytv
2016-02-21kim manning men for sale video shoothollywood, ca
2016-02-19funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-02-11lonnie marshallcorky's - van nuys, ca
2016-02-06local icestudio city, ca
2016-02-02paul altimaro mixing sessionjefferytv
2016-01-29funky fridays (trulio disgracias)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-01-23nammanaheim convention center
2016-01-22funky fridays (michael hampton)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-01-22wimbash bootsy girls george johnsonnamm - anaheim convention center
2016-01-22namm jam (jara harris, norwood fisher)pierce street annex - costa mesa , ca
2016-01-21slapbak trulio disgraciasthe federal bar - long beach, ca
2016-01-12we! recording session (major, sanders, lee)jefferytv
2016-01-08funky fridays (buddah blaze)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2016-01-02asadero's mexican sea food restaurantkettlemen city, ca
2016-01-01katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2015-12-31fiore caffésan francisco, ca
2015-12-25x-massan bernardino, ca
2015-12-18fishbonethe roxy - hollywood, ca
2015-12-17star wars premiereregal theater - downtown los angeles, ca
2015-12-15we! recoring session (moon, sanders)jefferytv
2015-12-11funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-12-05the rouse the hymen blastersscotland yard - canoga park, ca
2015-12-04funky fridays (cookie's bday, Lady nutmeg, kaycee)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-11-28we! recording session (sanders, lee)jefferytv
2015-11-27funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-11-26thanksgiving dinnermommys - loma linda, ca
2015-11-20funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-11-20red lobstercanoga park, ca
2015-11-18hc arrivalunion station - los angeles, ca
2015-11-14anthony sanders ! recording sessionjefferytv
2015-11-01p-funkuptown theater - napa valley, ca
2015-11-01steelers on tv - oakland, ca
2015-10-31ersan leandro hospital
2015-10-31fisherman's wharfsan francisco, ca
2015-10-30katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2015-10-30beef stew dinnercourtney's -oakland, ca
2015-10-29p-funkthe parish - oakland, ca
2015-10-26anthony sanders recording sessionjefferytv
2015-10-12steelers at chargers (tv)dave and busters - san diego, ca
2015-10-11red lobstertorrance, ca
2015-10-11redondo beachredondo beach, ca
2015-10-10the zebra roomtorrance, ca
2015-10-10freda's funk jamsan pedro, ca
2015-09-17delta nove aryon and the stonecuttersthe federal - long beach, ca
2015-09-12xopmas fukai park - gardena, ca
2015-09-11funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-09-10slapbaklive after 5 - long beach, ca
2015-09-07pfunk shelia e the wailersexposition park - los angeles, ca
2015-09-04barry chenault live drums recording sessionchris troy studio - van nuys, ca
2015-08-29oly's weddingscottish rites cathedral - long beach, ca
2015-08-28funky friday'shanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-08-24we! recording session (sanders, lee, blewfoot (electronic drums))jefferytv
2015-08-23nuttcore: trulio disgracias, slapbak, year of the dragonpalladinos - tarzana, ca
2015-08-21funky fridays (with new galaxy s6)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-08-19pfunkhouse of blues - san diego, ca
2015-08-18pfunkbrooklyn bowl - las vegas, nv
2015-08-15new refrigeratorjefferytv
2015-08-14p-funkclub nokia - los angeles, ca
2015-08-08we! recording session (sanders, lee, major)jefferytv
2015-08-07funky friday'shanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-07-31funky friday'shanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-07-24funky friday'shanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-07-17funky friday's (bootsy girls, elise evans)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-07-10funky friday'shanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-07-09morris day and the time dam funksanta monica pier
2015-07-02bootsy's rubberbandthe observatory - santa ana, ca
2015-06-27bootsy's rubberband earfulbelly up - solana beach, ca
2015-06-23motownsegerstrom center - costa mesa, ca
2015-06-23the kickin' crabcosta mesa, ca
2015-06-19funky fridays (no bass knee deep)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-06-16cl recording sessionjefferytv - los angeles, ca
2015-06-15hip hop dance bardno - downtown los angeles, ca
2015-06-12funky fridays (henderson on drums)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-06-04by myself birthday brunchribs usa - burbank, ca
2015-06-01grandslam blues jam: lucky otiscorbin bowl - tarzana, ca
2015-05-30trulio disgraciasvenice spring fling - venice beach, ca
2015-05-29funky fridays (moon, j.b. patterson, angelo, django)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-05-17we! recording session (mark & tony)jefferytv - los angeles, ca
2015-05-15funky fridays (I sang disco inferno)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-05-10mother's day brunchchilli's - san bernardino, ca
2015-05-01funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-04-27mello re houston recording sessionjefferytv - los angeles, ca
2015-04-26we! recording sessionjefferytv - los angeles, ca
2015-04-25funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-04-19lemiert park drum circlelemiert park - los angeles, ca
2015-04-17funky fridays (sheila brody)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-04-14griffith observatorygriffith park - los angeles, ca
2015-04-13mulholland drivelos angeles, ca
2015-04-12we! recording sessionjefferytv - los angeles, ca
2015-04-10funky fridays  (sheila brody, fingaz, marc rey, stozo)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-04-03funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-03-28the brides of funkenstein blackbyrd mcknightzodiacs - petaluma, ca
2015-03-27the brides of funkenstein blackbyrd mcknightzodiacs - petaluma, ca
2015-03-21pfunkthe observatory, santa ana, ca
2015-03-07funky fridays (flyin' jay, fingaz)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-02-20funky fridayshanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-02-19hollyshorts film festivaltlc theater - hollywood, ca
2015-02-01super bowl funk jamhanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-01-31we! recording session (sanders, major, lee, altimore)jefferytv
2015-01-30funky fridays (angelo moore, eric mcfadden, fingers, easton)hanglider - los angeles, ca
2015-01-24aka bootsy girls w kim manning - john lennon busnamm - anaheim, ca
2015-01-23pfunk @ nammanaheim convention center - anaheim, ca
2015-01-22western medical center eranaheim, ca
2015-01-21eric mcfadden does maggot brainviper room - west hollywood, ca
2015-01-21george clinton live stream john lennon bus @ nammanaheim convention center - anaheim, ca
2015-01-10we! recording sessionjefferytv
2015-01-09funky fridays with lonnie marshall (jara harris)rosiliand's - los angeles, ca
2014-12-19funky fridays with lonnie marshallrosiliand's - los angeles, ca
2014-12-13we! recording sessionjefferytv
2014-12-11lloyd major recording sessionjefferytv
2014-12-09 guest on phil colley's internet radio
2014-12-09 the getty centerlos angeles, ca
2014-12-05 2014-11-28funky fridays w lonnie marshall (aka bootsy girls) (sheila brody, elizabeth lee)rosiliand's - los angeles, ca
2014-11-25trulio disgracias ms absurdharvelles - santa monica, ca
2014-11-22mystiquecafe cordiale, ca
2014-11-22skylinepetie's place - reseda, ca
2014-11-21funky fridays w lonnie marshallrosiliand's - los angeles, ca
2014-11-16funk jam with danny ritterpetie's place - reseda, ca
2014-11-15we! recording sessionjefferytv
2014-11-14funky fridays w lonnie marshallrosiliand's - los angeles, ca
2014-11-07t-oh! recording sessionjefferytv
2014-11-05jury dutylos angeles, ca
2014-10-31funky fridays w lonnie marshallrosiliand's - los angeles, ca
2014-10-25oly nero recording sessionjefferytv
2014-10-23book signing after jam los angeles, ca
2014-10-23g. clinton book signingeswon books - los angeles, ca
2014-09-26p-funkstage ae - pittsburgh, pa
2014-09-25p-funklc pavillion - columbus, oh
2014-09-01p-funk katdelic the meters karl denson tiny universelong beach funk fest - long beach, ca
2014-08-30p-funkace of spades - sacramento, ca
2014-08-29katdelicmoes alley - santa cruz, ca
2014-07-19trulio disgraciaszodiacs - petaluma, ca
2014-07-06sa ra's funk jamsanta clarita, ca
2014-07-04grand park 4th of julylos angeles, ca
2014-06-22oly nero's funk jamgardena, ca
2014-06-14cousin graduation partyterra vista park - rancho cucamonga, ca
2014-06-04shuttle endeavorca science museum - los angeles, ca
2014-06-04venice beach boardwalkvenice beach, ca
2014-06-04trulio disgraciasthe mint - los angeles, ca
2014-05-09p-funkyoshi's - san francisco, ca
2014-05-08p-funkyoshi's - san francisco, ca
2014-05-07p-funkyoshi's - san francisco, ca
2014-03-15p-funklvcs - las vegas, nv
2014-03-15p-funkhouse of blues - san diego, ca
2014-03-15katdelic unpluggedgenghis cohen - los angeles, ca
2014-03-14the naked funk projecthouse of blues - san diego, ca
2014-03-08dumpstaphunk katdelicthe independent - san francisco, ca
2014-02-14katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2014-02-14tenyoshis - san francisco, ca
2014-02-08finding the funk documentaryrave theaters - los angeles, ca
2014-02-08we! studio sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2014-02-05darbyq studio sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2014-01-26meganut's woc party with george clintonharvelle's  - long beach, ca
2014-01-25trombone shortythe el rey theatre  - los angeles, ca
2014-01-23trulio disgracias weapon of choice slapbaktiki bar  - costa mesa, ca
2014-01-18naked funk turkuazwinston's  - san diego, ca
2014-01-18WE! recording sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2014-01-10true school allstarscafe cordiale - sherman oaks, ca
2014-01-09darby q recording sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2014-01-03a feldman recording sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2013-12-31katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2013-12-21stevie wondernokia theater - los angeles, ca
2013-12-20trulio disgracias the familyhood nextperiencegood hurt - santa monica, ca
2013-12-14WE! recording sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2013-11-29katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2013-11-22pho-hoachinatown - los angeles, ca
2013-11-20trulio disgracias weapon of choice slapbackking-king - hollywood, ca
2013-11-15the funk thangcorbin bowl - tarzana, ca
2013-11-10trulio disgracias downtown browndragonfly, ca
2013-11-10year of the dragonloaded - hollywood, ca
2013-11-02WE! recording sessionjefferyTV - los angeles, ca
2013-10-27steelers at raidersoakland colisieum - oakland, ca
2013-10-26katdelicmoe's alley - santa cruz, ca
2013-10-23trulio disgracias rehearsalthe nuttsack - los angeles, ca
2013-10-14vinyl records to kareemjefferyTV
2013-10-12daddys 81st birthday partylauries - san bernardino, ca
2013-10-11we! recording sessionjefferytv - los angeles, ca
2013-10-05cultural soulsimply wholesome - los angeles, ca
2013-10-04jill avilez and the love absurd tori rose and the hot messharvelle's - santa monica, ca
2013-09-21thievery corporation morcheebagreek theater - berkely, ca
2013-09-20ronkat katdelicboom boom room - san francisco, ca
2013-09-15trulio disgracias meet me at the pub delta nove luicidalthe good hurt - santa monica, ca
2013-09-14nappy shack recording sessionthe nappy shack - los angeles, ca
2013-09-08tv: titans at steelerspat's cocktails - valley village, ca
2013-09-07t-oh! recording sessionjefferytv - los angeles, ca
2013-09-06ruen pair restauranthollywood, ca
2013-09-06piano barhollywood, ca
2013-09-02movie: elysiancentury theaters - san leandro,ca
2013-09-01oakland pride festivaloakland, ca
2013-08-31lake merrittoakland,ca
2013-08-23mL recording sessionbaldwin hills, ca
2013-08-17funkfest: p-funk con-funk-shun lakeside jo-jogreek theater - los angeles, ca
2013-08-16p-funklvcs - las vegas, nv
2013-08-09dextor story mia doi toddlevitt pavillion - pasadena, ca
2013-08-06 the funky meters experience: leo nocentellihollywood & highland - hollywood, ca
2013-07-20 my russian sunshine's birthdaymoss beach distillery - moss beach, ca
2013-07-06long beach funkfest afterpartylong beach, ca
2013-07-06long beach funkfestlong beach, ca
2013-05-24kin funk recording sessionlos angeles,ca
2013-04-20sanders wedding 
2013-04-05p-funk barkays confunkshun mary jane girlsmorongo casino - perchanga,ca
2013-03-30p-funkace of spades - sacramento, ca
2013-03-29p-funkyoshi's - oakland,ca
2013-03-28p-funkyoshi's - oakland,ca
2013-03-27p-funkyoshi's - oakland,ca
2013-03-26420 funk mobcloud9 - berekely, ca
2013-03-24weapon of choiceking-king - hollywood, ca


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Motown!! 20150623_221517

So i Hit Motown and it was good. It was done in a way that made it entertaining and relate-able. Race was interjected in the play where maybe it could have been left out, but it did give the show an edge that you pay for. What struck me was the number of hit that Motown had and how many of them I knew the words too. That was truly deeply impressive. Berry Gordy's drive was an inspiration to me. Seeing how he built that record company and that it could be done in what seemed like the same ways that I operate now.

The Time, Dam Funk Dam Funk got booed for over preaching his blackness and a nigga rant.

Life Is Good.

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Subjective Expericences: March 9, 2013

  date event location 2013 03-09-13 guest on frankie “kash” waddy’s funky drums and things internet radio show the funk house – encino, ca 03-08-13 rosa lee brooks the living room – los angeles, ca 01-24-13 san bernardino all county recital (my neice on viola) university of redlands – redlands, ca 01-24-13 muse staples center …

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Subjective-Experiences: December 04, 2009

date event location 12-04-09 blackbyrd mcknight charlene’s urban tapas  – ventura, ca 11-28-09 blackbyrd mcknight the mint – los angeles, ca 11-05-09 trulio disgracias ac supper club – venice, ca 10-29-09 weapon of choice meet me at the pub ac supper club – venice, ca 10-10-09 jack’s 4th show p-funk allstars ratt irvine meadows – …

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Subjective Experiences: December 31, 2008

12-31-08 rose parade route pasadena, ca 12-03-08 chango en paris rehearsal royce hall UCLA – westwood, ca 12-03-08 tools for immortality now taping time warner studios – hollywood, ca 12-02-08 chango en paris rehearsal sir studios- hollywood, ca 12-01-08 chango en paris rehearsal royce hall UCLA – westwood, ca 10-04-08 sarah palin rally home depot …

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Subjective Experiences: December 30, 2007

12-30-07 tv: steelers vs ravens harpers – northridge, ca 12-28-07 trulio disgracias lyons den – los angeles, ca 12-20-07 tv: steelers vs rams schooner’s – colton, ca 12-20-07 my nieces kindergarten xmas program san bernardino, ca 12-18-07 starr cullars birthday dinner studio 211 – north hollywood,ca 12-17-07 neighborhood cooking winter 2007 screening jesse’s – inglewood, …

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Subjective Experiences: December 24, 2006

12-24-06 family xmas dinner rashad residence – riverside, ca 12-23-06 funkadelic 2007 recording session radio recorders – hollywood, ca 12-14-06 on the one cafe bugaloo – hermosa beach, ca 12-09-06 weapon of choice arrowspace 11 loft – hollywood, ca 12-01-06 bounce to this video taping titmouse studios – hollywood, ca 11-30-06 lige curry dvd video …

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Subjective Experiences: December 30, 2005

12-30-05 joi dj rashida the templebar – santa monica, ca 12-23-05 the familyhood nextperience knitting factory – hollywood,ca 12-21-05 trulio disgracias the joint – los angeles, ca 12-20-05 woodyweedstraw 14 below – santa monica, ca 12-17-05 blowfly rudy ray moore explogasm the knitting factory – hollywood, ca 11-19-05 lyrilicious: c kunspyruhszy little temple – silverlake, …

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Subjective Experiences: December 29, 2004

12-29-04 maintain dee dee foster the templebar – santa monica, ca 11-13-04 p-funk allstars house of blues – anaheim, ca 11-12-04 p-funk allstars the grand – san francisco, ca 11-11-04 p-funk allstars the catalyst – santa cruz, ca 11-08-04 p-funk allstars crystal ballroom – portland ,or 11-07-04 p-funk allstars mcdonald theater – eugene, or 11-05-04 …

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Subjective Experiences: June 17, 2004

06-17-04 v. savage farewell luncheon point moorea – wilshire grand hotel – la, ca 06-10-04 USACE los angeles district change of command patriotic hall – los angeles, ca 06-06-04 jeffery scott mitchell II graduation dinner olive garden – boardman, oh 06-05-04 drugs w/ george clinton dj logic the poogie bell band pa potluck festival: church …

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Subjective Experience December 2, 2003

date event location (link to event/venue) 12-02-03 trulio disgracias gp funk squad funkin pie good hurt – los angeles, ca 11-25-03 fishbone the viper room – hollywood, ca 11-17-03 steelers vs 49ers 3com park – san francisco, ca 11-14-03 lettuce cafe du nord – san francisco, ca 11-01-03 mooney vs st joseph ysu stadium – …

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Subjective Experience July 4, 2003

PFUNK1: events subjectiveexperience date event location (link to event/venue) 07-04-03 boogie nights tierra stacie orrico the candies taste of america  rose bowl – pasadena, ca 07-03-03 venice beach boardwalk / pch venice beach, ca 06-28-03 weapon of choice optic nerve ayo & the yoruba house ensemble the aggrolites with chris murray downtown artist district music …

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