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Subjective-Experiences: December 04, 2009

date event location
12-04-09 blackbyrd mcknight charlene's urban tapas  - ventura, ca
11-28-09 blackbyrd mcknight the mint - los angeles, ca
11-05-09 trulio disgracias ac supper club - venice, ca
10-29-09 weapon of choice meet me at the pub ac supper club - venice, ca
10-10-09 jack's 4th show p-funk allstars ratt irvine meadows - irvine, ca
10-09-09 the unstoppabros key club - hollywood, ca
10-08-09 the unstoppabros the bordello - los angeles, ca
10-02-09 Atheist Alliance Intl Convention marriot hotel - burbank, ca
09-26-09 lebron james celebrity game  kodak theatre - hollywood, ca
09-12-09 trulio disgracias  the highlands - hollywood, ca
08-29-09 p-funk allstars nokia theatre - los angeles, ca
08-29-09 danny bedrosians secret army slapbak baby stone  long beach funk festival long beach, ca
08-28-09 trulio disgracias (long beach funk fest official pre party) blue cafe - long beach, ca
08-27-09 pfunk allstars the naked funk canes - san diego, ca
08-22-09 lonnie marshall and the afronauts living room - silverlake, ca
08-15-09 zap mama california plaza - los angeles, ca
08-12-09 trulio disgracias (special guest arik marshall) shuggie otis the waterfront cafe - marina del rey, ca
08-07-09 van hunt zanzibar - santa monica, ca
08-01-09 trulio disgracias lyon's den - los angeles, ca
07-25-09 trulio disgracias cousin june  bug braw the waterfront cafe - marina del rey, ca
07-11-09 trulio disgracias purple melon taxi dragonfly - hollywood, ca
07-11-09 funk rumble block party downtown los angeles, ca
07-05-09 trulio disgracias kim manning & lance lantzwell house of blues - hollywood, ca
06-25-09 1st grade class production of chicken little san bernardino, ca
06-20-09 diamond's graduation party inglewood, ca
06-04-09 birthday staycation motel 6 - inglewood, ca
04-15-09 kissy asplundh eric risko little temple - los angeles, ca
04-07-09 hi-fidelitease cuba libre - silverlake, ca
03-05-09 the naked funk humphrey's - san diego, ca
02-13-09 cloned maggot b'day party bar melody - westchester, ca
02-10-09 sly and the baby stone the little temple los angeles, ca
02-06-09 weapon of choice the squid meet me at the pub soccer mom ac supperclub venice beach, ca
02-01-09 superbowl viewing party neighborhood cooking inglewood, ca
01-25-09 atheists united meeting billboard photo center of inquiry hollywood, ca
01-04-09 p-funk allstars the wailers house of blues las vegas, nv
01-02-09 p-funk allstars greyboy allstars club nokia - los angeles, ca

atheists united general meeting liz cromwell, from the richard dawkins foundation, spoke about sex and evolution. this was the first event that i have ever attended with this group. lots of people with strong political opinions in the room. i went because afterwards the group went to take a picture by the newly erected billboard in hollywood, at highland and fountain. they served lunch (donation suggested, i gave $5) it was el pollo loco. liz cromwell's talk was very informative and entertaining at the same time. some pretty deep scientific thoughts were discussed along the lines of evolution. one thing i got out of it was that in most monogamous species you cannot tell the male from the female visually. she had lots of other deep considerations also. i realized the impact and purpose of wearing name tags. it makes it "ok" and easier for people to come up and talk to you using your name. its like the name tag says "come talk to me" and thats not a bad thing, it was kinda cool.met a couple people who had strong opinions and really wanted to dialogue and we did, and i loved it. seemed everybody had a cause or was some kind of activist with something to say. i was the only black american i believe, but the crowd wasnt nerdy nerdy, mostly older white people and few "hip" people. but they all seemed cool and had a style or some kind of unique physical expression. relaxed, but organized and orderly, the meeting is put together very well but not stuffy. 

Post subject: surprise guest GEORGE CLINTON shows up at SLY STONE show Posted: 11 Feb Wed, 2009 7:57 pm last night mr clinton was standing on stage before the show started next to mr stone who announced that the venue is shutting down, there will be no show tonight. standing 10 feet from me mr clinton did an accapella rap, mr stone impromptued a song for a couple minutes with the\band backing him, mr clinton then started we want the funk which went on also for a couple minutes. then the two waved and exited. the band jammed and played for about 10 more minutes and then we were asked to exit. rumor was it was a health inspection thing, water wasnt getting hot enough. the little temple, los angeles, ca.

most of all we funk, help them find the funk - flashlight,  parliament

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