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Subjective Experiences: December 30, 2007

12-30-07 tv: steelers vs ravens harpers - northridge, ca
12-28-07 trulio disgracias lyons den - los angeles, ca
12-20-07 tv: steelers vs rams schooner's - colton, ca
12-20-07 my nieces kindergarten xmas program san bernardino, ca
12-18-07 starr cullars birthday dinner studio 211 - north hollywood,ca
12-17-07 neighborhood cooking winter 2007 screening jesse's - inglewood, ca
12-14-07 jack in the box casting call with starr funk hollywood, ca
12-08-07 trulio doisgracias the denerators dipiazzas - long beach, ca
12-06-07 trulio disgracias gadfly winstons - san diego, ca
11-24-07 fresh body parts eric mcfadden, dj kos boom boom room - san francisco, ca
11-23-07 420 funkmob electrofunkadelica stephanie keyes 12 galaxies - san francisco, ca
11-22-07 thanksgiving dinner mommys
11-20-07 four19 malice graphics layout for nuttsactor 5 multimedia north hollywood, ca
11-17-07 3rd street promenade (supra lowery bros) santa monica, ca
11-15-07 lige curry order fulfillment wefunkwest studio 211 - north hollywood, ca
11-12-07 lunch w/ laurie & the child old town pasadena
11-09-07 sudharma video shoot jefferytv studios - van nuys, ca
10-25-07 the honey collective club vangaurd - hollywood, ca
10-22-07 trulio disgracias the stolen beats project the agents of transformation tokio - hollywood, ca
10-20-07 seafood buffet golden nugget hotel & casino las vegas, nv
10-19-07 the tubes canyon club - 4-queens hotel & casino las vegas, nv
10-19-07 fremont street experience 4-queens hotel & casino las vegas, nv
10-18-07 trulio disgracias the gumbo bros santa monica bar & grille - santa monica, ca
10-17-07 mutaytor steven perkins crash mansion - los angeles, ca
10-17-07 lige curry's in and out of space cd artwork graphic design  studio 211 - north hollywood, ca
10-05-07 one man's ATHEISM  airs (5:30pm) time warner  east valley  public access channel 25 (van nuys)
10-03-07 trulio disgracias the gumbo bros santa monica bar & grille - santa monica, ca
09-30-07 steelers vs cardinals univ of phx stadium - phoenix, az
09-29-07 the matador (nightclub) phoenix, az
09-28-07 public access tv orientation time warner east valley studio - van nuys, ca
09-26-07 san gabriel valley 7 studio filming lafx studios - burbank, ca
09-25-07 trulio disgracias airconditioned supper club - venice  beach, ca
09-25-07 lige curry esp video shoot esp guitars - van nuys, ca
09-17-07 san gabriel 7 jazz band the groove pocket the mint - los angeles, ca
09-16-07 neighborhoodcooking filming jesse's - inglewood, ca
09-16-07 tv: steelers vs bills harpers - northridge, ca
09-15-07 veronica puleo (taping) army of love michelle clark   the mint - los angeles, ca
09-07-07 shinichi & all the way live house of vibe the get up (filmed) four19 (captured audio) the mint - los angeles, ca
08-29-07 trulio disgracias four19 we'll be white black vault 350 - long beach, ca
08-28-07 we'll be right black shannon moore temple bar - santa monica, ca
08-28-07 trulio disgracias rehearsal los angeles, ca
08-22-07 trey lewd / snake jam session the nappy shack - los angeles, ca
08-20-07 trulio disgracias stex jebba zen sushi - silverlake, ca
08-18-07 p-funk allstars lakeside zapp mary jane girls force mds greek theatre - los angeles, ca
08-17-07 richardson family (youngstown, ohio) neighborhood cooking filming inglewood, ca
08-16-07 p-funk allstars lakeside zapp mary jane girls san manuel resort casino - highland, ca
08-12-07 trulio disgracias fishbone venice beach music festival - venice beach, ca
08-11-07 trulio disgracias stop revolt 14 below - santa monica, ca
08-11-07 richardon's 50th anniversary & 84th birthday party los angeles, ca
08-09-07 arrested development agape twilight dance series - santa monica pier
08-06-07 trulio disgracias zen sushi - silverlake, ca
08-06-07 my neice's 1st day of school kindergarten - san bernardino, ca
08-02-07 zydeco bands pacific park rides twilight dance series - santa monica pier
08-01-07 radio recorders / studio 56 hollywood, ca
07-30-07 trulio disgracias zen sushi - silverlake, ca
07-26-07 tosh meets marley twilight dance series - santa monica pier
07-24-07 eric mcfadden molly malones - los angeles, ca
07-20-07 sudharma recording session jefferytv studios - los angeles, ca
07-15-07 club quality zanzibar - santa monica, ca
07-15-07 family (mexican) wedding reception riverside, ca
07-13-07 mutaytor venice beach, ca
07-07-07 birthday celebration filming the crystal rose - los angeles, ca
06-30-07 four queens hotel & casino las vegas, nv
06-30-07 family bbq loma linda, ca
06-28-07 sudharma video shoot los angeles, ca
06-24-07 d.j. dmt cd release party louie's - carson, ca
06-19-07 ligedelic on the rox - hollywood, ca
06-17-07 trulio disgracias 14 below - santa monica, ca
06-16-07 wild peach the viper room - hollywood, ca
06-15-07 h.r. / bad brains trulio disgracias warehouse party - downown los angeles,ca
06-10-07 green lemon angelina gargano harmony festival - santa rosa, ca
06-09-07 green lemon mike stern with victor wooten & dennis chambers eyrka badu techno tribal dance harmony festival - santa rosa, ca
06-08-07 sheila chandra harmony festival - santa rosa, ca
06-05-07 breakfast with greydon square the griddle - hollywood, ca
06-04-07 l.a. county museum of art los angeles, ca
05-26-07 fishbone expendables canyon club - agora hills, ca
05-25-07 fishbone expendables galaxy theatre - santa ana, ca
05-23-07 squad vicious video shoot venice beach, ca
05-20-07 long beach gay pride parade long beach, ca
05-16-07 matera / naked rhythm metaphor oddway the templebar - santa monica, ca
05-13-07 golden nugget casino laughlin, nv
05-09-07 lunch with 5.5 california pizza kitchen - los angeles, ca
05-03-07 arik marshall on the rox - hollywood, ca
04-27-07 dj quik justin james, son of a beaches house of blues - san diego, ca
04-26-07 lige curry recording session san diego, ca
04-21-07 trulio disgracias on radio show kxlu - los angeles, ca
04-20-07 70's dance crystal rose - los angeles, ca
04-19-07 homecooking for me los angeles, ca
04-16-07 the toledo show harvelle's - santa monica, ca
04-09-07 so buttered video shoot youngstown, ohio
04-04-07 me / remi vacation youngstown, ohio
03-31-07 fishbone malibu inn - malibu, ca
03-30-07 venice beach boadwalk venice beach, ca
03-27-07 trulio disgracias dragonfly - hollywood, ca
03-22-07 sol jibe naked rhythm the templebar - santa monica, ca
03-18-07 knotts berry farm buena park, ca
03-17-07 p-funk allstars malibu inn - malibu, ca
03-17-07 aunt kizzys back porch marina del rey, ca
03-16-07 p-funk allstars house of blues - anaheim, ca
03-15-07 p-funk allstars belly up - san diego, ca
03-10-07 funkadelicish mastering overview session with r-dub poor man studios - union city, ca
03-09-07 p-funk allstars filmore - san francisco, ca
03-09-07 ca state capital museum sacramento, ca
03-08-07 p-funk allstars radisson hotel - sacramento, ca
02-26-07 p-funk allstars suede - salt lake city, utah
02-26-07 temple square salt lake city, utah
02-24-07 kids space science center los angeles, ca
02-09-10 norbit movie ua theatres - la canada, ca
02-08-07 norbit premiere (spectactor) mann's - westwood, ca
01-27-07 remi's birthday party san bernardino, ca
01-13-07 george clinton video interview hollywood, ca
01-10-07 familyhood nextperience the joint - los angeles, ca
01-04-07 eric mcfadden trio molly malones - los angeles, ca


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radio recorders / studio 56

got to take an impromptu tour of this recording studio that is under new management where last  xmas eve i sat  all night and watched MR GEORGE CLINTON and MR LIGE CURRY and others filming and recording. i got to see the idea for a building of rooms wired to each other for audio and video production. high definition live soundstage greenscreening with separate remote audio mastering and  editing rooms the whole works all wired to satellite uplinks for broadcast to national and local television with servers on the roof for hd streaming internet video. communications in place between camera men and the remote editing rooms for live editing. call CNN and tell them we got sumn to upload to them now live kinda shit. this is a very famous and rich old style wood building where the likes of nat king cole and elvis presly recorded.    

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