Suicide = No Heaven

20140626_174346Robin Williams cannot enter Heaven. But I think he was Jewish and they don’t believe in heaven anyways (I thought it slightly amazing I instantly knew that about that religion).

I believe one can be an atheist and still believe in a metaphysical realm. There can be “supernatural” things without God. One can be an atheist and not be a skeptic.

No, my man I’m an atheist but I’m not a skeptic! I believe faith “works” not because of Jesus or whatever it is the faith is placed in. Human beings with faith in something function better and are happier and maybe even healthier!

So faith in Jesus works, because it’s the faith not the Christ.┬áHe didn’t have to exist because it’s all about faith! (That fuss is us!!)

There is just as much evidence for “your Creator” or “Higher Power” as there is for “Jesus” or “Allah” or unicorns or tooth fairies. Faith by definition means there is no evidence, it’s the faith and not “in what” that works… but yeah religion is the opiate of the masses!!

If its “your” evidence then its testimony and not evidence. Evidence is not personal, that’s belief. Evidence can be clearly demonstrated without explanation. Meaning that if you show me something then have to explain what it is, its not direct evidence. Its your interpretation of evidence.

Why atheists are concerned with the religious:
Because it skews and slows the progress of humanity as a whole.
This includes the massive self esteem issue that religion indoctrinates children with.

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