Super Slothy Sunday

Another super slothy sunday. Involving a bag of kettle chips, boxes of ginger snaps and lemon cookies and the whole first season of Game of Thrones.

It amazed me just how good this series is. I never re-watch movies or tv, so to thoroughly enjoy this stunned me. The episodes would fly by so fast that I often checked the running time because that didn’t seem like an hour. 

I’m talking SLOOOOTH-THAY!!!! Not sure why or what, but it feels heavy. Lots and lots of sleep. Have been forgoing getting in 10k steps on days off, with no inclination whatsoever to leave the apartment. But in all of that, things are getting done. Stuff is gettin’ did. My affairs are in order and 93% up to date. My apartment, data, e-mails (work and personal) are cleaned out and cleaned up. All is neat, organized and in place. Now my apartment might not be “clean,” but its very arranged properly, hardly anything out of place.

I setup the video bay in my bedroom, upgraded my Steinberg Cubase installation with a complete uninstall and re-install.etc etc. stuff is being done…

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