T-OH! & PFUNK1 Post Demo Track

T-OH! is Anthony Sanders, a long time acquaintance and friend of PFUNK1 who were reunited recently after 20 years at the 2011 Long Beach Funk Festival. They knew each other growing up in Youngstown, Ohio (Sanders a big Slave fan) and met up years later in California. The two were roommates at one point in the early 80’s. The two have always talked music.

“I ran into Mr Sanders at the Long Beach Funk Festival and we caught up on our 2 decades of music experiences.” said PFUNK1. “I told him I can studio engineer a bit and he was always a player so we decided to hook-up. And we did.”

The posted music started with the two messing around with the MIDI keyboard (the 13 or so other songs they did prior use real instruments). While PFUNK1 was practicing making drum loops, he created from scratch the clap sound and a cool loop was born. Sanders started laying tracks over each other playing different instruments on the keyboard as the two vibed and wrote the music on the fly.

“Basic editing, arranging with lazy to no mixing this track is some flavor of what we doing being put out into the universe.” -PFUNK1

“For me it’s about creating music the way I personally want to hear. Maybe even a style or way of making music. If it resonates with other people that would be cool (the projects can become larger), but the main goal is to create something I believe should be out there.” -PFUNK1

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