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Christianity Is Based Completely On (D)Evil

Christianity is completely based on sin. The New Covenant and therefore Jesus wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t for evil or the Devil (which God created). God sent his son to us, we kill him and that’s the way to God? The goal of God and Jesus should be to save the Devil! The Devil …

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A Facebook Reply About My Atheism

extra ordinary claims require extraordinary proof. first off, i see no evidence that there is a God. And if by God a person means a “Creator,” i see no evidence this creator interacts in our day to day lives. there are questions i cannot answer as to our origins and purpose, and i am comfortable …

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Dr. Cornell West and Black People’s Attitude Towards the Sciences

Smiley and West reflect on the discovery by scientists of the “God particle”, a sub-atomic key to understanding the (physical) existence of life. i love Dr Cornell West but this kind of flippant attitude towards science at this level from someone looked to as intellectual by his community is whats keeping black folks behind the …

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