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Going Funkin’ Off On The FUNK

if funk came from anywhere it came from that- not james brown. james brown aint even funk- ITS FUNKY. now see i never heard this graham before, this is the missing piece!!! when i heard mr norwood fisher and them play “hair” at the long beach funkfest i had never heard it. wow and since …

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Long Beach Funkfest 2010 Recap

jefferytv coverage of Long Beach Funkfest 2010 (August 8th) began upon our arrival around 12:15pm with the start of the Orgone set on the smaller Chico stage.  Fanny Franklin led a cover of  Funkadelic’s “Cosmic Slop” to close their set in tribute to P-Funk legend Garry Shider. Guitarist Arik Marshall was spotted in the early …

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Ladies Of P-Funk rehearsal cellphone photo surfaces

A fuzzy cellhone  photo just received by jefferytv apparantly shows Ms Dawn Silva, Jeff Bunn, Barry Chenault and possibly Greg Thomas rehearsing. Another figure is can be made out but is too shadowy to identify.  The source did not reveal the exact Southern California location but confirmed the photo just recently taken. Missing from the photo was Blackbyrd McKnight, …

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McKnight confirms Chenault, Bunn rumor

Legendary guitarist DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight confirmed via a Facebook post that drummer Barry Chenault is sitting in with The Ladies Of P-Funk at the upcoming Long Beach Funkfest on Aug 7th. McKnight also confirmed that there are rehearsals and that Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn is contributing as well. “Forgot to mention we got Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn …

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