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More Of My Personal Atheism

I was bitter about religion and how believers treated me back when I realized I didn’t believe in God and EVERYONE around me did. I was totally convinced everyone around me was “wrong” for believing in imaginary things that no one ever saw- but I was the one crazy one. Being ridiculed and told to be …

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Desiring A New Level Of Consciousness

It may be my 2 month old sobriety has opened my eyes. It may be I’m just getting old. Or maybe I’ve naturally grown bored of the same ole, same ole. But I am ready for change. And though I know that the “everything and everybody” around me will be a part of it, I …

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My Life I Love

I love my life absolutely. I dont think that im in love with myself, but i am definitely in love and very proud of the things i can do. The things that i am capable of is what i love most about me. My knowledge gives me “advantages” and a freedom that most people will …

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