The Coolest Thing To Do Right Now Is To Hate Donald Trump

y’all gonna miss Donald Trump when he gone. and though i know better than to ever underestimate human capacity i doubt very much the next cool thing to be outraged about will be as good as Donald is to y’all… So people who break the law shouldn’t be punished?


I don’t have to be a Trump supporter to question what might be a false argument. And again, as Chris Matthews does he piled on questions and the “should a women be punished” question came after the hypothetical “if he made certain abortions illegal.” Trump was then asked if its illegal how do you enforce it… “Donald Trump tells MSNBC if abortion becomes illegal women should face “some sort of punishment.” Trump was speaking at a taped town hall event with Republican voters in Wisconsin moderated by Chris Matthews.” We all have opinions, but the transcript is fact. And no I’ve been down with Hillary even before she lost to Obama. But I’m bound to be fair, open minded and understanding…20161107_215428 Don’t believe the hype!! Trump may be all that you say but half the shit they say about him simply is exaggerated media pander because the coolest thing to do right now is to be outraged by Trump!! Outrage is the in thing!! And better yet TRUMP KNOWS IT and is playin’ the media like pong on a Atari 2600. There is no bigger name in the news right now so guess who wins even if they loose? Just fall in line and hate Trump like the rest of us. Because it’s obvious that if you don’t hate him you’re a racist. Even Jesus hates Trump and Jesus supposedly don’t hate nobody. i mean c’mon, even Satan hates the Donald!!!

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