The Freedom Not To Participate

20140120_154310-cropreligious folks got a tough decision to make. an abomination is an abomination. if you claim to be a follower of God’s word there are certain things that are clearly stated as being against His will. if you live in the USA you all but have no choice but to accept something that you may find disgusting and totally against your principles. and how do you do that?

i may be a mild segregationist. i don’t feel people should be forced to serve or accommodate anybody they don’t want to. race, lifestyle, drug use, meat eaters, cigarette smokers, etc. i have a right not to like you for any reason. but im forced to provide my services to people who i strongly disagree with? should i be forced to serve a klan member or a white supremacist? just don’t go to arizona, how about that? or just don’t go to that side of town maybe. you don’t see me running down to orange county do you?

yeah we should get along but years ago i always thought racist white people shouldn’t have to serve black people if they didn’t want to. and im sure there are other more covert ways to exclude people if thats your agenda. you cant force people to integrate and like each other, you can only force them to act like it in public. and look around, for the most part we segregate ourselves anyways.

with integration we become more and more homogeneous and distinctions in our cultures become diluted and merged. when this happens sometimes a lot more is lost than is gained. life survived because of diversity. it seems now there is a strong drive for us to get along by assuming we are all the same. we are not the same and there are some people who do not want to be the same or join in on a global hug. i think the emphasis should be participate and not so much to assimilate.

and if you step back far enough in the long run no matter what you do you are participating. when you step far enough away we are an organism. whatever you do and whatever you are you are participating. if you are a hater or a murderer a nun or a rich philanthropist or a homeless person living under a bridge, you have an impact and you contribute. it may not be immediately noticed but the ripple and vibration anything or any creature makes is recorded.

refusing to participate or integrate and even being racist is a contribution towards the organism. if that is what is truly in your heart no man or law or God can condemn it as being wrong. there is no right or wrong, there are only consequences.

the consequences and/or rewards are imposed by life and the environment. harmony with the things around you is one way, but being disruptive and interrupting the harmony has shown to bring “benefits” in the long run. there is no way of knowing as there are always unintended consequences. ALWAYS. no one and no book can tell you what the result will be of any of your actions. all anyone can do is offer opinion.

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