The Intoxicating Lifestyle – Sept 3, 2010

“If your every sensory input was giving you pleasure and your deep passions surrounded you, is this not what “heaven” would feel like?  What more could a “heaven” possibly be?”

One cool thing about experiencing your childhood dreams is there are times when you can stop and realize that you are. There are moments in between when it just hits you. The other day I was editing video of Steve Arrington’s per formance and the memory of his voice implanted in my brain 30 years ago took me away. Eyes closed, I was walking home from high school day dreaming about living in Los Angeles. My brain had triggered glands that released chemicals to my body that stimulated me to a type of “high.” A natural high. This is intoxicating.

I had heard of Yarbrough & Peoples and use to groove to their song back in the day. It was cool, but everything was at best a far and distant second to P-Funk (another dream I’m living) and Parliament. So I realized I was seeing notable performers. But what I didn’t realize was the degree in which her voice was embedded in my memory. Sitting there 20 feet from her she sang that first verse and my eyes rolled back in my head. Years of pleasurable memories of music rushed over me and I was able to “stop” and “allow” myself to deeply enjoy this moment. This is intoxicating.


Over time, experiences like these accumulate and have an effect on the outlook and understanding of the individual.

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