The Orchestration And Navigation Of My Existence

work day 5 of 9 straight. mr. scale said 210.6 this morning, which is as low as it’s been in years. i was thinking with so much going on that i was “kickin’ ass” as far as life is concerned. that may be the case, but then i thought it’s more like i’m in a harmony with a lot of things simultaneously.

the orchestration and navigation of my existence with the movement of things and life. being very pleased with the who-what-where-how and when of the person that is me. realizing the “work” i’ve put in over decades to be the me i am now. i’m content but not satisfied, or satisfied and not content. inventorying my resources and capabilities i feel obligated to achieve. i feel that’s my way of “giving back” for all that i have received. achieve at the highest level that i possibly can and fully maximize my opportunity. “achieve” is arbitrary, subjective, ambiguous etc. and it really means just keep doing what i’m doing more and better and let the future determine what my achievements are.

i realize i have this open discussion with myself every so often. it may be a mantra, a summary or my way of focusing and making steady during the zoom zoom. hell, it may even be a type of prayer. remind myself what the hell i’m doing it for while not …See More

i want it freakin’ all!!

and i ain’t shy about it or that i want it…

for where i want to go, you can’t be shy,
as you are very determined in certain aspects

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