The Self-Regulation Of Ones Vice

156042_10153773843187125_2620275797638782803_neach moment at that time

happy monday morning to me. i thank your pretty face blue eyed god for this responsibility that brings me out of the pleasurable depths of the rabbit hole i succumb to just about every time i’m left unsupervised…

i have learned there are very few things that command me to be on time and present every time with such a fervor. and again, i am grateful.

the pleasures found when one capable as i is left to his self must be regulated by an internal something equally motivating that must be determined by an outside source of which i do not have control.

i will title this: The Self-Regulation Of One’s Vice; subtitle: because everybody should have at least one

high ho, high ho…

as i emerge from the rabbit hole…

vice control

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