The Social Media Repository And Me

sdsdsdsdsdmany of us use Facebook and other social media sites to establish a persona, a character, a band or business and in doing so we build and maintain our timeline with an intimate and intricate expertise. we store our pictures and videos and writings in what seems to be a stable repository.

more than a few years back i realized that i dont own anything on Facebook and that it could be gone away in a blink of an eye and there would be nothing i could do about it. so every so frequently i copy and paste the significant mind blowing points i make inspired by the FB limelight into the website I OWN and I TOTALLY CONTROL

there is no way i am going to let the years and years of work and effort i have put in be solely left in the hands of an external source without at least having a back-up.

this goes for many other aspects of my life also…

social media inspires some of my best work. especially when i wake up and read a post that strikes me in a perfectly “wrong” way. nothing like getting the day started with a healthy philosophic rant designed to mess with peoples minds.

oh yeah, if you think i ain’t out to put something in your head you better get a clue. no prisoners when it comes to intellectual gymnastics, in fact i’ll even warn ya in most cases that im about to turn your world upside down.

and ALWAYS with the truth presenting you with a differing side of reality that you probably have never imagined. its all about imagination.

i will not be held back by those who aint ready for it. you can believe what you want i have no issue with that. so let me believe and celebrate what i want. and should my thought, opinion or the celebration of it disturb or put you off your game, guess what? that shows me i’m hittin’ it the right way. and i will be the first to admit when i recognize game.

because my belief system is different that most people when it comes to God. i will see and have questioned things most believers never have. lets face it, for some of y’all God is the ultimate and that’s above yourself, your kids and your family. many of us were raised to the point that the existence of God is never questioned and to do so is actually seen as going against God. this is just one example but just imagine someone as cunning as me having decades of questions about your God from a perspective you never had the opportunity to imagine? sometimes its not even fair and i back off before the persons head blows up but there are some times when im feeling the wheaties and i feel like flexing. when i feel like the big dog on the street and have a need to exercise that heartbeat. what happens then?

ain’t nothing good unless you play with it they say. and play i do so well…

this is why i think my “songwriting” it very very good. nobody can hit the most important subject matters the way i can and do. also why i know im going to have to learn to sing because no one will be able to put it down the way i think it should be. but doesn’t that go for everybody? shouldn’t every individual be the best songwriter or creator of the story and philosophy they want to radiate? the subject matter because the matters subject. in my opinion can’t nobody twist it up and meaningfully distort it like i can. ive always felt this way about myself so i know no other way to think. and i truly believe every individual should feel that way about their subjective matters.

and what i like about my work and creativity are the parts i leave out. the parts i put to your imagination without even mentioning it. those unmentioned dark parts that all us humans experience….

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