The Year 2000: A Look Back At One Of My Best Ever

Image163a year like that isn’t something that just happens. you cant just go out and consistently accomplish the things that i did last year without any rememberable issues, stress or problems. it took years of preparation, generations even. and it started with my parent’s parents and even before. understanding, intellect, confidence, education, personality
and a lot more are needed to manipulate the resources and information around you into the life that you deeply desire.
i can go into a very very deep explanation of this, but i wont. im just gonna say that i was exposed and privileged to things by my parents at an early age that gave me an advantage over most of the kids around me. i took this understanding, modified it to fit me, then developed it over 38 years- i now pass this understanding to my children…

january 8, 2001
2000 was the best year of my life by far…
it was so good that its hard to put into words. the things that i have the deepest passion for were continuously close to me. people, places, learning, experiencing, etc… there are 65 things listed for the year on my events page. it started traditionally at the rose parade jan 1 in pasadena. a month later in feb a high level exec pulled some strings
and got me into a private p-funk show and i was on stage for awhile with funkadelic. two days after that i sat 2nd row for les miserables

feb ended with me attending jerome bettis’ grammy party where
i was able to see the man from the team i cheer for every nfl sunday.
march was back to back p-funk concerts, the second of which was
the best concert i ever attended. two days later i was in italy, my first trip to
europe and one of my life long dreams. i chilled in the sistene chapel
and was able to vibe michaelangelo’s david. the trip was perfect and
exceeded my every expectation in every way…
july was new york city where i did times square and saw miss saigon and
phantom of the opera on broadway. at the metropolitan museum of art i
discovered what would be one of my all time favorite pieces of sculpture by
who would be my all time favorite sculptor, rodin. 3 days after returning from
ny i flew to dallas where i visited texas stadium
the most precious thing i do is spend time with my children.
im not even gonna attempt to describe the feelings i have for them.
its just too deep for me accurately convey right now…
we playfully did magic mountain and knotts berry farm liked we owned it.
we always have a good time together (until they wear me out) and i took
advantage of the chance to act like a little kid (even more so than usual).
my kids were able to meet the people i work with and me and my son hooped
with the fellas from work. we had a really really really good time this summer…
in september i flew to vegas to see funkadelic at the house of blues.
i remember the feeling i had before the show in the mandalay bay buffet.
good food in front of me in a beautiful room all to myself over looking the pool (girls).
thinking to myself how cool to have flown to vegas to see funkadelic just for that night.
knowing i was gonna fly back home and see them again the next 3 nights. i stopped and
let that feeling go all thru my body. this kinda freedom and capability was the stuff ive
dreamed of…
during the last of the 4 shows i found out george clinton was doing 2 more in smaller clubs.
at my 6th p-funk show in 7 days, george stood 7 feet from me on a 2 foot stage and we
were practically alone singing a p-funk medley accompanied only by a drummer (frankie).
earlier that evening i danced with belita as she sang one of my favorite (and very meaningful)
songs, mathematics, to me with her very distinctive voice-
any percent of you is as good as the whole pie…
in october, i saw santana live at the hollywood bowl. i walked down
the red carpet to a world premiere of a major motion picture at the most famous
movie house in the world with all the lights, cameras, fans and hollywood glitz.
on halloween i attended a rally and got pictures of vice president al gore.
in november i successfully quit the best job i ever had in my life.
i was able to walk away totally and completely happy with absolutely no
hard feelings or regrets. on thanksgiving i had dinner with mommy, daddy
and lauire, my true nuclear family. i cant remember the last time the 4
of us were together like that…
december may have been the most exciting month of my life. i saw lion king,
partied at my ex-job’s holiday party and saw two prodcutons of the nutcracker ballet-
one of which was done by the moscow classical ballet. on xmas eve i attended the most
important game of the season for the pittsburgh steelers at san diego. this is a team that
i have loved for over 28 years and we needed a win to make the playoffs. there were
thousands of steeler fans and my vibe was on full. i danced all day long…
the day after that i flew to ohio to hang out with my kids. no words can describe
my feelings for this. i got to see my son play an organized sport for the first time,
9th grade basketball for the same high school that i attended.
it had been 20 years since i was last in that gym…
i told and explained to my father about my life goal to “define god”

the day after i flew back to l.a. from ohio, i flew to oakland to bring in the new
year with the p-funk allstars. at the van nuys flyaway i ran into a member of
funkadelic (earlier that year he told me “when i see you there , i know its gonna
be alright”) and we chilled with the t’bone player for big bad voodoo daddy who
was going to vegas for a show. when we got to the airport we ran into more
funkadlelics. on the plane with me was frankie (drummer), blackbyrd (guitar), greg
(horn) and billy (bass). i get to the hotel and meet carlos (sir nose) and others. the
show was good and my vibe was on fool (lol). in my hotel after the show i ran into
trey lewd (george clinton’s son). checking out of the hotel the next day i personally
gave props to gary (lead), lige (bass), baby payne, razor sharp (keyboard), and i
saw clip. it was very cooooool to start the year off by being close to the people who
started and are a deep part of something that is a big part of my life. i had no idea
i would see them like this so when “coincidences” like this happen its lets me know
im on the right path….
also in between all that was vegas about 6 times, san diego, laughlin, a hockey game,
art galleries, museums, a presidential library, the ocean, the moutains, an astronomy class,
a windows 2000 class, parties & clubs, strip clubs, a brothel, lunches, sushi, intimate late
night chats, the planets venus, jupiter and saturn along with the moon and lots of other
experiences i fail to remember right now…
there were also lots and lots of good people. family, friends, people i worked with,
chat partners, ex-girlfriends, girls from all over the world, cooool dudes to party with and
lots of new faces…

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