Those That Are Being Left Behind

People walking around with their hands in the air simulating surrender. What if it comes out Mr Brown was attacking and rushing the officer after sucker punching him and trying to take his gun? Unfortunately,  at this point these people and anyone else who has printed “surrender” t-shirts will not believe or accept anything other than Mr Brown surrendered. 
20140709_075731I think no matter how deep the sympathy for this community and its circumstances, people- black or white aint going for defending a thug. thats simply going too far. if it comes out mr brown provoked this attack i imagine the wound it will leave on this community. but it wont be as deep as when the time comes that black people, what i call the new black, begins to openly separate itself from those blacks who have seem to be left behind (for a lack of a better word). the new black is very very very slowly beginning to voice disagreement with some of the philosophies, behavior and actions of certain black folk, which includes gang members, criminal, corrupt church leaders, etc.

i thought of this just the other day. the change will come when black folks begin “snitching” on the undesirable element of the black community. we need the help of law enforcement to clean out certain elements of black neighborhoods where thugs and criminals are sustained because black people in good standing (lack of better word) stay quiet. once we begin “cleaning out” our own communities respect and perceived racism- racism which is screamed by the negative elements in the black community as cover will subside.the new black is beyond racism, beyond slavery and the past. its not forgotten its just handled in a different way and isnt a debilitating mindset or burden.

yeah i love black folks but long ago i stopped defending them when i thought they were “wrong” or contradicted some thing i believe in. yeah i would commit the sin of criticizing my brothers in front of whitey. taking whiteys side when whitey was right and not defending the black man. yeah ive looked at black folk who expected me to lie for them just cause they were black like they were crazy and that they just insulted me. and oh yeah i was called uncle tom and uncle ruckus and still am. friends and family have unfriended me because of this stance.

Black people that stay within like minded black people have created their own reality. (many groups do this not just blacks) and they play the race card and believe so deeply in racism that they may never be able to assimilate into a white society.

In America we are raised on racism. not that we are all racists, but we are all racially aware one way or another. its just a part of life here.

And i must clarify that the new black will separate from not only the criminal element, but blacks who have a stuck in time mentality. the divide will be philosophical and based on a major difference in belief systems. and i dare to say the new black will be much less religious and more spiritual. almost atheistic science, knowledge and experience based. the new black will be beyond Jesus (white or black). it will have a modern sharp practical understanding. and i imagine a tad economically conservative.

there are a number of cities like Ferguson in America. and they are fighting for their lives and to be a part of the future. but it is going to be tough because they dont fit in to the future. they dont speak the language or know the protocol. and after so many generations a high percentage may lack the capacity to aggressively be a contributing part of the future of mankind. there are white and black and people in every country all around the world in this condition. black people here have the race card and can use it to instill white guilt for now, but thats gonna change soon. what do we do for the poor and disenfranchised people of the world?

evolution says everybody ain’t gonna make it. we can’t save everybody.

but we do not have to decide who will make it and who wont. nature will do that for us no matter what we do

the disenfranchised don’t participate in the system so they are not represented




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