Triggered: Black Americans Are Doing Great Under Trump

that is more my point than anything. for the most part I really don’t care, it seems it’s all theater for the masses. but what does concern me is the almost complete breakdown of discussion and as you said the demonization of any opposition.

all I did was share a post and people got me supporting and voting for Trump! LOL. no one side of anything is totally wrong our bad, just as no one side is totally right and good. this situation is much more complex than that. it takes thought and understanding and working things out, the ability to have civil rational discussion without extreme emotional reactions or name calling.

demonization simplifies “decision” making by eliminating dynamic judgement. no thinking necessary we just hate him (or her or whoever).

“offends?” oh boy. and no 90% of the time i don’t care about the feelings of the larger community if a statement has truth to it. data shows that black unemployment is way down, this is a fact. and sure most of my life contrary has been my middle name, it’s inherent. but irregardless of that, the statements i make (or don’t make and you think i do) should stand on there own (ad hominem).

i am also a person very short on empathy. i’m not out to hurt anything nor do i wish anything or anyone in this universe any harm. but empathy? on very rare occasions…

i also believe nothing means nothing, it’s ALL in what and how you believe. facts and direct evidence can be thrown out the window if one chose not to see it. not that i think you are doing that, more so that we all will believe what we are inclined or even want to believe. some things just are, and thank the universe there are enough diverse opinions out there that humanity has counter arguments and beliefs for all of them. i would never tell someone to stop believing in or doing what they do no matter how deeply illogical i think it is. we need the diversity of thought even if some of it appears to be bat shit crazy. and that is my biggest concern in all of this. thought has become so polarized communication breaks down to emotional outbreaks and name calling. the real issue to me isn’t this ism or that injustice, it’s the idea we can’t even have civil discussion about it

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