Using Chopsticks In Tokyo

i had udon the night before and the morning i left Tokyo. i remember being in Billboard Live eating my food using chopsticks. whenever i get chinese food i use chopsticks (and that’s probably racist and i’m ok with that).
but using chopsticks in Tokyo is a different thing. it was fun to allow myself to feel self-conscious about it real or imagined as this is a feeling i very very rarely have. i allowed the idea to fester in my head. usually when i use chopsticks its around people who may not even know what they are. “homey eee’un with sticks.” i be doing tricks and stuff all confident. but in Tokyo eating in front of chopstick masters it was different. these people have black-belts in chopstick usage. that’s why they are so good in math (as i said, i’m ok with it). i mean i’m like the only black guy in the place other than on stage so it was easy for me to imagine folks whispering to each other about how wrong i was chopsticking. wait, are chopsticks china or japan? do japanese use chopsticks traditionally? days earlier when i was in beijing i used chopsticks but wasn’t phased by it. i mean c’mon, that was beijing. who feels self-conscious about anything in beijing? i was like whatever. ain’t trying to impress nobody here. but was i in Tokyo? it definitely was a whole different kinda vibe…

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