“Want” Is More Difficult To Identify For Me Than “Need.”


For me and my situational. Changing aspects of my life coming together in different ways. This is like that now, that done got right now, etc. Interesting combinations in an equation full of variables. I was fairly good at math and this being my 53 summer, 32nd in California I think I got the game down just enough but hopefully not too much…

What do I want? What do I very really want?

Want, not need. Need is easy and is usually very apparent. But want at this time of my life is sometimes difficult to determine. Which leaves things wide open, which is good in ways. Being wide open for opportunity and ready for it.

Many things are in place

And are established

I want something. Or I’m so use to wanting something that I miss or want something to want. For a good while it had been wanting a job or better employment. Or a desire for a particular type of relationship. Those having been satisfied at least temporarily there is nothing that I’m chasing and the waters are calm.

The motor is off and the sails are down. There is no where to be because it feels like I’m there.

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