Website Found Documenting P-Funk Online in 1993 shows evidence of the earliest beginings of PFUNK1.COM. P-funk Online the BBS was a dial-up bulletin board used to share information and for social networking. BBS’ existed before what we know as the internet and e-mail. Users would use their computers and modems to dial-in to a BBS that would store messages and allow its users to communicate with each other in various ways. P-Funk Online shared information about the group Parliament Funkadelic “P-funk” and about it’s system operator who later became known as “PFUNK1.”

“The computer was in my bedroom and had to always be on. At first I had it set to hear the modem on every call. Getting my geek on I could watch people login and navigate my board and that was very exciting” says PFUNK1. “I would post my number and theme on other BBS’ and a few magazines and word actually got around. I had a few loyal users!”

After a few years BBS technology gave way to national online services such as Prodigy and Compuserve. P-Funk Online made the transistion and “PFO” was one of the first to drop funk there too.

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