What Do You Accomplish?

What do you accomplish? When you look back over your day(s) in summary are you “happy” with this mental report? What do you actually get done? What impact do you believe that has on your future?2015-06-02 19-50-48.734

For me for a long time now just getting thru the day is not enough. At least one thing has to be accomplished.
I’m not grateful for waking up, I expect to wake up.

I feel I have a responsibility to have an impact on the universe. There is no God or master plan, it’s up to “us” to create and develop what this will all eventually be. It’s a cowardly cop out to place this responsibility on an unseen God or higher force.

Whatever “getting it done” is. Right now in my opinion it’s survival. Deep long-term survival as presented in the movie Interstellar. (Which was a damn good movie that did not interject God at all and touched on ideas regarding surviving singularity I’ve had for years and I love how love was the catalyst (an earth life created love)

If we bring up our children teaching them God will get it done it won’t get done.

And we’ll be running around preaching and hollering about the same thing John did 2000 years ago 2000 years from now

Accomplishing and gettin’ it done. A continuous focused drive to get there, a yet undetermined where, driven by an internal passion

That’s what I wake up and do and I expect to do it everyday of my life.

I’m talking mindset, a discipline even. A self-standard set for achievement.

Over the years this intention gains momentum which brings confidence, knowledge from experience and higher expectations

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