What Is Actually Being Accomplished By Kaeprnick’s Antics?

pretty much how i feel. what is actually being accomplished by Kaeprnick’s antics?
besides more social media fodder? just like Trump. nothing like having a demon to demonize and rise against in a show of some type of solidarity. as ive said before protesting is so much fun!!!!

the black experience in this country is not universal. 95% of the issues i see black lives mattering over haven’t happened in my direct experience. there may be 2, 3 or more black america’s and the one i’m in i don’t worry or am concerned about such oppression. you want me to act like i do so you wont have to call me an uncle tom or coon so your point remains in tact? i don’t mean to invalidate your movement and ruin your protest partying and dissolve that wonderful feeling you have feeling you are making a difference, but i aint gonna lie to or for you either. the stuff you protesting against i dont see im my life and no that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. sure it exists but it aint my immediate problem so why should i be concerned?

oh wait a minute. let me go out and find some police brutality to be outraged about. OH WAIT!! here go some in this internet video!! boy that was easy IM OUTRAGED!!!

even with all this country is or was or did or does if you ain’t getting yours its your fault. no matter how fair or oppressive things may be NOBODY is responsible for your happiness and well being but you. because you go ’round once on this rock with the hand you are dealt. nothing can change that. so do what you do, how you do it. and if that means protesting, PROTEST! if that means cooning or uncle tomming, BE THAT!!! its all good and though i enjoy being irritated into mini-fits of micro-outrage, i really don’t care! or better yet, its not really that important in the bigger scheme of SURVIVAL!!

disclaimer: its easy for me to say all this because of the life i was privileged to have and the way i was raised.

that is where family lineage comes into play. not just wealth, but attitude, education, ethic and morals. no one can flip a switch and solve all the mattering black lives issues. get rid of every crooked racist cop and guess what, the true problem still exists. those that “make it” make it because they made it. those that don’t maybe were not suppose to. it doesn’t start with you, it starts with at the least your great grand parents. the foundation and situation in which you were born into determines your chances of success.

all of us aint gonna “make it” because everybody ain’t suppose to

100% equality is a pipe dream and is basically unreasonable.

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