Sep 05

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What Is The Ultimate Goal?

i was thinking. what if a huge meteor smashes into the Earth and wipes out every trace of humanity and life. in regards to the big picture, what difference would it make?

what’s the point of all this? what is the ultimate goal? example: we fuss over climate change and the doom to come if we do nothing. but say we respond and we “save” the Earth and life goes on for millions of millennia, what is life going on for?

until i know that or develop a satisfying personal answer, i’m all but lost in the long term temporary of everything me, you and everything does

one step further may be that nothing universally really matters. what matters is completely subjective to each individual. no one or any institution can tell you what matters. they can only suggest. the responsibility is up to the individual to determine what his, our, and the ultimate goal is.

maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to be sympathetic for this cause or that injustice. since there is no goal, there is no guideline. therefore there is no “right” or “wrong” which leads to false ideas of fair, justice and injustice. equality and these things can only exist in concept (along with “perfect” and “forever”)

we may need to evolve, learn, explore, discover etc to answer this ultimate question of why.

that in combination with survival, in my opinion should be mankind’s ultimate goal

because in the big picture injustice doesn’t matter. what difference does injustice make in the goal of this universe? what is “injust” or “unfair” is subjective and personal to the individual. for me, life ain’t fair. we have winners, losers and no way were we are all created equal. chaos and catastrophe happens, but what difference does it all make to the universe?

you are making a case for empathy. highly illogical captain.

i know what empathy means. you inserted empathy, slaves and injustice. empathy and sympathy are too different things. i may understand what a slave is going thru that does not mean im sympathetic to it. and again yes, there’s no room for sympathy in the scientific method so i dont use ti much

“i stated that purpose is for. Humans to evolve and become enlightened both involve having empathy and love for fellow humans.” thats your opinion and its cool. how empathy and love are tied to “evolve and become enlightened” im not sure.

and not so much how the world ends, but what is the purpose of evolving and becoming enlightened?

i agree with that and even feel we “need” to evolve to or develop something that can pass thru to other universes. i believe black holes lead to other universes and or one day this universe no longer be sustainable for life (like billions and billions of years from now). and that was a lofty enough “goal” to satisfy me but it also can be used to base philosophy and social behavior on. but now i’m thinking, why? for what? so life goes on forever and we populate other universes. for what? what’s the point? why survive? why is life the “big picture?”

and i ain’t trying to be a smart ass or nothing, but what’s the point of doing all that? i get what you saying, and believe in it as part of the process, but whats the point of the process?







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