What Most Avoid, I Gravitate Toward

11146301_10153308002602125_5565030825384362464_nmost avoid the things that I seem to naturally gravitate towards. I go at them head-on where many prefer to leave it unspoken…

I always want to know why and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter.

everybody can’t dance like that thru life. it ain’t easy, but once you reach that plateau there’s no going back…
folks will even delete conversations that get “too deep” or real. it’s one thing to remove profanity or spam, its another to expel opposing viewpoints and opinions. things seen as “negative” or contrary. there are even groups and programs like this that state up front that they will only allow fluffy soft talk and admiration

funk, especially p-funk(funkadelic) has always been about the “good” and the “bad,” the “clean” and the “dirty.” you can’t sanitize or process the truth and it still be the truth.

rambling yes, oh the freedom one has when partaking in such an action. incoherent is relative

especially when one is not trying to be that
as it is the definition of rambling

unbound imaginative freedoms

and the willingness to not make any sense or abide by any rules or discipline

there in lies the greatness of the magic

to be able to go there publicly without hesitation

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