What P-Funk Does To Me

walkin’ around at lunch gettin’ my steps did went in the direction of Shelia E at Pershing Square only had a half hour and knew i couldn’t get in so i figure i’d walk around the block and take in the music. get there like right when she opened up with a funky version the Star Spangled Banner which i found beautifully political and then she grooved some and then went into One Nation Under A Groove. i lost it.

outside the gates gettin’ it all over the place big wide area feeling it. and then she went into Mothership Connection. try to imagine how high that got me. routine lunch on a “routine” day in the city. a routine that charms and pleasures me so much. to have the universe tickle me with something that i passion so deeply. to have 40 years of muscle memories that music triggers come down on me at a time when i’m wide open, spirited and awake enough to allow it to fill me. then without inhibition outwardly express greater amounts of energy dancing in celebration of everything that i can think of. all thoughts in and of everything. i’m gonna ride this thing until the wheels fall off…

it is more than just hearing the music. for me it is tied to soo much more. it’s like being rewarded for or by something you believe in. doesn’t matter what it is, similar to religious faith in that it triggers glands and reactions in the body that can make you fell super good and super human. i chose p-funk 40+ years ago and this thang whatever it is continuously triggers those glands and reactions. there may be nothing spooky, spiritual or supernatural about it. the relationship ive developed with this music may just have my body trained to react in such a way. i may have learned to celebrate and release like this in church. ive seen the reaction the mere thought of Jesus commands among deep believers. that reaction is undeniably real. faith and belief like this changes behavior, outlook and disposition. it’s life changing and can make for not only better living but a better life. i chose p-funk and that music. as a teenager it told me i could act a fool and still be cool. the philosophy and doctrine was not shallow, but it wasn’t preachy. funk by my definition can’t be preachy. funk it. p-funk aint weak or wishy washy either. p-funk ain’t fearful or afraid. p-funk the philosophy does not convey being a victim of anything. p-funk wasn’t all lubby dubby love mushy.

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