When Is Life Not Precious?

20151103_165414If possible factor out all emotion and thinking what’s most practical ask yourself; “Are all human lives worth saving?” And where is the point when an individuals survival is the individuals responsibility? I understand some believe that every human life is precious and should be saved at all costs and at any time. Does this philosophy broaden to include ALL life? The life of a dog, cat, dolphin or say a cockroach? A wild lion routinely kills and eats children in a village to survive, is it “ok” to end the life of that lion?

A man on PCP is on one defying authority and wielding a knife in the streets. Does this man “deserve” to die? I will venture to say “no, he does not DESERVE to die” as this is a judgement call and all judgments are relative. BUT I AM pondering at what point do YOU think this or any person has the responsibility to not cross the line that which endangers their life. I personally feel life is an unfair game of survival played with the cards you are dealt. I do not feel the other players in the game have a responsibility to assist me. Should they be willing to lend a hand, that’s great. But if I’m in the game and not playing by the rules and out right cheating repeatedly, how forgiving are the other players to be? At what point am I taken out of the game to ensure the survival and integrity of the game?

The next question in the process is in regards to capital punishment / the death penalty. I personally don’t understand the idea of life in prison without the possibility of parole- and or how executions can be less economical than housing and feeding someone for life.

Euthanasia, suicide, mercy killing, abortion, etc

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