Whose Responsibility Is Your Survival?

The real issue may be that there is a basis for racism and that some stereotypes hold true and we are so set on disproving this that we really can’t and don’t take take a realistic look at the differences between people. 20151028_120604Call it race, culture, economic or social status some of that shit we say about groups of people is true!!! (though it may not be applicable in absolute 100% terms). White people are so fearful of being labeled racist (same with homophobic) that what’s really going on with black people can’t be directly addressed.

Black folks have been coddled to the point that when someone like O’Reilly or Limbaugh speaks frankly and directly at the obvious issues black folks have the mere tone is enough to offend them and beckon a cries of racism- instead of addressing the points and leaving emotion out of it. I have to use the O’Reillys and such as examples because so few people in the mainstream black or white are keeping it real about whats going on.

I mean black folks killing each other up in Chicago like never before seen and though its in the news not too many people directly address it and call black folks out for it-

Racism will always exist and quite frankly that doesn’t bother me. People don’t have to live in harmony or even like or respect each other. Lets face it, it’s about survival and the bottom line to survival is that there are no rules. That being the bottom line, maybe we as humans with self awareness can subscribe to not physically harming each other regardless of how we feel. Don’t let me shop in your stores or live in your neighborhoods stuff is going to always happen, as is don’t marry one of thems. But I’m thinking we can maybe draw a line at putting our hands on or shooting or blowing up folks that we don’t like or understand- but back to the bottom line i know there are no rules.

Whose responsibility is your survival?

Segregation doesn’t bother me either, it’s up to the individual to fight their way out and earn their way in. It’s up to family lineage to create an environment and the resources and give the tools to its offspring to succeed- not the government or societies for that matter.

Life ain’t fair and that’s the best and “fairest” way it can possibly be.

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