Worlds Sometimes Collide On Facebook

from December 29, 2010:
I have 2 profiles. One for the p-funk folks, and one for the atheistic folks. The PFUNK1 persona is intended to be business professional and jefferytv is where I can be free to express on political, social, religious, etc.

Because of the success of Myspace, everybody and they momma jumped on Facebook when it began to trend.

So now I have family (my mother) and friends (back to childhood) mixing with “my” online community of friends (the P-funk folks & the atheists). Sometimes they communicate with each other and I’m sure even meet in other cases.

“Lucky” for me (or am I blessed?) that I am consistent with the truth and the same person all the time.

There are people I know who are practically posing as another person on Facebook.

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