Write About What Is Right?

The issue is that right is relative. And all relatives are not right and quite frankly all relatives can’t write. BUT in the scheme of things, ALL things, what or who determines what right is? Factor in I feel there is no such thing as “perfect” as all things are perfect as all things are what they are at a given time. What is time? Will time tell? is time nothing but a his story? Who is he? Can she be the his and tell the story?20150819_140300

I don’t know. I just know that the world I live in is not perfection, but it is perfect. As it is what it is. The key to every earth based lock is out there. Finding these keys is something I love to do as I believe I am very capable. Believing is a major key in life. Faith. With faith all things are possible and I say this as aesthetically  as humanly possible (with a huge faith in the capability consciousness). I do not believe in a ruling conscious higher  power, though I am not a skeptic. So let’s say I believe in the fairy tales, but not the fairies.

So much of it has to do with one’s personal outlook. When you look out at life that underlying feeling you get before you sense a feeling. In many cases the reaction is already determined. Many people have “lost” before they even begin…

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