Young Black Males Acting Out In Public

Lower and less is my tolerance for young black males acting out in public in that “nigga” way. Its one thing to be loud and obnoxious, which I have no problem with and its another to put that disrespecting thing on it. More and more I have the urge to engage this behavior when it happens around me. As I attempted today. And if they or the people around heard me or not, is not the most point. The main thing is that I did it and am ready not to look or back away from it anymore. That’s how I’m gonna seek justice for Trayvon Martin, and I don’t need no sign or any revised legislation.IMAG1498

Looking (like) is one thing, acting out is another. its not the dress or the look, its the behavior.

Nobody said it was specific to black males. and that’s part of the problem also. people being so sensitive of any criticism of black males or black people period. so defensive of a culture that is literally self destructing.

Some open and honest observations are needed to identify the real issues before its too late.

Yes, i feel you. but i haven’t heard any bashing of black people. i hardly hear ANY criticism about black people period! I’m all for solutions, but the issues and problems need to be identified also and i do not see any black leaders actively publicly doing that. black people saying whats “wrong” with black people and saying lets fix it. i love positive energy and i really love how black people come together when they come together. but somebody has to identify and aggressively attack the problems and issues. this includes the media, black leaders, white leaders, etc. i cant remember the last time i heard a leader criticize black people. at least some of the burden has to lie on us also.

I feel feel feel you. but i am not a people person. LOL i am not a save the world person either. my motivation to be active is because of and specific to young black males. like my mother use to tell me, she don’t care how anybody else’s kids act! LOL maybe because i have a son trying to be caught up in that mess or maybe i feel as a black man im obligated to speak to the younger black males because i can be an example of a black man to them. i don’t have anything against other people’s kids my focus comes from within and is specific. and the numbers and data show that young black males are in a class of their own when it comes to crime and punishment that no other group is experiencing now.

And i agree that all cultures of kids smoke weed and wear the clothes, BUT its different for a certain group of black males that actually live the life. these other kids are not killing each other at alarming rates. the other groups are not filling the prisons. and I’m not talking about all black males and im not talking about the black males who wear the clothes but DON’T live the life. there is style and then there is a line when it goes too far.

Yes i agree and i use the word “attack” being a bit sensational. engage may be a better word. maybe even address instead of attack. but i feel this way also, regardless of the laws, crimes are being committed. STOP creating the crime! are black males not doing the crimes and being falsely accused? zero tolerance within the community and family for committing any crime!



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