A Spirituality Of Mental Freedoms

In a recent YouTube video, a California man ponders a “Spirituality” he developed living on the edges of mainstream society. “It’s way easier to have a completely mainstream lifestyle” says Jeffery Mitchell who is a transplanted Ohioan. “If you are the type of person who can do it. Its impossible if you are not.” He laughs. He recently realized he is not.


Mitchell is a person who relishes his “years” of “meditation” and deep thinking study he was afforded  during the years he was not working for whatever reason. “Looking back at my life I’ve realized that I got pretty much everything I dreamed of. I didn’t dream of money or riches or big houses. The things in my life now are the things I’ve dreamt about all my life.”

Mitchell goes on to explain he understands the trade off for living his lifestyle. “No assetts!” He exclaims “No assetts or savings or furniture” he laughs. Mitchell does not have a couch or even a bed. His well organized though rather sparse place is stocked almost exclusively with computers, cameras and video equipment. His “bed”  rolls up and the space becomes a video set, comeplete with green screen.

“The freedom to be creative. I’m not talking about the ‘not being allowed’ kind of freedom.  I’m talking about freedom in relation to time (and space) to be creative. Sometimes I think I would die without large amounts of freedom and space to create. Compound that with years of deep study utilizing the most powerful information and networking tool ever (the Internet) along with art and music and another type of consciousness develops.” 

Mitchell goes on to say that he hopes he is contributing to the universe in his endeavors. He seems to deeply hope that he is giving back and that his perspective helps or gets heard by at least one other consciousness.

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