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What Funk Is To Me (pt. 2)

posting a message to the ONE NATION BOARD ROOM about CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION.
i just returned from p-funk shows in COLUMBUS & CINCINNATTI and experienced the east coast version of CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION the first time.

the thread generated numerous responses:
CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION is NOT FUNK jeffery 3/21/2006, 11:08 am
the following i replied as the opening line of my last response before leaving work:

maybe thats what it is…
Posted by jefferyon 3/21/2006, 6:55 pm, in reply to OLD LINE UP OR NEW ONE?

i saw JOI & AMP & them as CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION and i identified with them and felt it as they played FUNK!!!
home on the computer doing TRULIO DISGRACIAS video with a friend on the phone…
a removed party, with limited experience of JOI which came via me, who knows absolutely nothing of the CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION thread or group just happens to be channel surfing and come across, recognize, identify and then react to a song by the very artist i had called out earlier. an artist directly responsible for the west coast version of the named group and thread CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION.
JOI song in XXX on FX?
Posted by jeffery on 3/21/2006, 11:26 pm

talkin on the phone to new mexico she freaks out and goes thats that JOI girl’s song on the tv and i was like what?
chance? mere coincidence? if i was religious i could say that was god and he sent me a message that validates my claim or at least indicates im heading in the direction he wants me to travel. i don’t believe in god but i do believe in FUNK.

coincidence? there is a FUNKADELIC song that says there are none.


this is how my universe works


FUNK to mePosted by jeffery on 3/26/2006, 12:55 pm, in reply to
You’re missing the point



What key is it in?Posted by PFunkJAzz on 3/27/2006, 12:39 pm, in reply to “FUNK to me


      How does this help when playing music?



cause you play music from the inside…Posted by jeffery on 3/27/2006, 1:02 pm, in reply to “What key is it in?


      FUNK to me is an expression of whats inside a person.

if you got that FUNK inside of you, that attitude or arrogance
or whatever, everything you do in life will have that
on it not just the music you make…

FUNK is much much much more than music.
a song should be a personal emotional expression or story.
human emotion comes out in real natural song-

when an artist recreates a song, he is attempting
to recreate that emotional event. at least thats what
i think should be happening. most of the time now
though musicians are imitating a person having a real
emotional event. song should show true emotion and that
comes from the inside of a person and whats on the
inside of a person is determined by the experience
and dispostion of that person

real natural human emotion is FUNK
re-creating and imitating music note for note without the emotion is not

oooga booga is real

Let’s say you’re truly aspire to be a professional musician
Posted by PFunkJAzz on 3/27/2006, 3:48 pm,
in reply to “cause you play music from the inside…
At what point in your education/practice does this ooga booga assert itself?
There’s a lot to be said in recognition of an innate ability to create music, but there’s also no mistaking the basic fundamentals of learning to play in key, proper fingering on your instrument, recognizing a key signature, knowing your scales and other technical details that might be beyond (or before ooga booga).

FUNK is in everything i do…
Posted by jeffery on 3/27/2006, 5:21 pm, in reply to
Let’s say you’re truly aspire to be a professional musician

it is subconscious, instinctive or whatever…
its inherent, it would be the style i took if i learned to play.
its in the way i cook my food, how i drive, how i live-
how i talk, how i walk…
its how i would knock on the door of the person giving
me lessons, its how i would come to take lessons high
as hell and still play “better” than everybody else
without even really trying…

this is FUNK. how does this tie into “ooga booga?”

oooga booga may be a special feature that people with
FUNK have. like a special gift…

a special power that you attain when you reach the
higher levels of FUNKATIVITY.

its an inner confidence or understanding or perception
where a human can successfully seperate themselves from hysteria
and or mass social thinking and then develop a
really deep personal understanding of everything.

seperate enough to develop a unique understanding of
the universe and operate confidently within this.
this would be seen as a “cool” person.

oooga booga may be a special gift a person can attain
when they reach certain levels of confidence and understanding
that allows them to be open to experience and operate
in areas that we still call “mystical” cause we
havent scienced them yet


maybe thats what it is…
Posted by jeffery on 3/21/2006, 6:55 pm, in reply to “OLD LINE UP OR NEW ONE?


and i identified with them and felt it as they played FUNK!!!
not hip hop, i dont think they had any rap in their set!

i, a 40 yr old who bought THE CLONES OF DR FUNKENSTEIN
when it came out and who has his whole life held in high value the words
of the song CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION, have a problem with
something which is a “flawless testimony to the attainment of the P-FUNK”
using a lyric about gettin your dick sucked.

that is not deeper than abortion, to me thats primitive

its almost blasphemous to me to hear something called CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION talk so much about gettin paid on they cd

or some kind of love jones’ or mackin’

30 years ago we were already much deeper than that so why are we going backwards?

the only thing i can say is that this hip hop generation is more in your face which is good but being nasty just for the sake of being vulgar is not the way i would exercise my creative freedoms

maybe what we get from the FUNK DNA in todays youth is hip hop and thats the way they express and us old folks aint spose to like it. shit, it wouldnt be the first time a person from one generation didnt get with the followings vibe…

maybe this music aint for me to like, but for the millions
in the younger set who identify with it more…
thats cool too, my issue and im allowed to have one in this
country is that some shit aint FUNK and i want FUNK,
not hip hop jazz pop called FUNK

shit, having said all that DOES NOT mean i dont like the new CD

hold up, wait a friggin minute!!!!!
i just looked on the back of the CD and they thank god first!!!
oh hell, no….


hey im not saying that i dont like the cd,
im just saying…

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