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DAILYS: April 19, 2004


april 19, 2004 

Posted by jeffery on 4/19/2004, 1:09 pm 

the more i think about it, THE YOUNG WHITE AUDIENCES,
the crowd ive “struggled” to understand for years now
and may even have had “issue” with (due to its lack of rhythm and groove)
may be the reason, the support and the creator
of the very music scene that i love so much!!

draw enough to tour? could SOULIVE, GOV’T MULE, etc?

do i “owe” THE YOUNG WHITE AUDIENCES for creating the jamband scene?
which is in my opinion the best music scene out there-

without the dollars and support of YOUNG WHITE AUDIENCES
where would bands playing live music be?

last week researching i did a yahoo search for
“jamband scene.” the first link that came up
was an overview that used SOULIVE (had just saw them in SF)
(mi fave hangout in LA) as an example.
i thought that kinda eerie as i was prolly at that
show the article noted.
it seems the jamband scene started in san francisco…

do we need the YOUNG WHITE AUDIENCE?

can a band be succesfull touring without their support?

i also think the internet has a lot to do with this culture

still its weird being the only black person in a club
full of white kids listening to james brown –
“say it loud, im black and im proud”
imagine a black audience doing anything white like that
(other than accepting the white man’s god and religion LOL)

and no, we are NOT the same and the differences
in race/ color/ culture does matter
im not saying hate people for their differences
but dont be oblivious to them either. saying we
are the same takes away from who you are and who
i am. saying music is “colorless” may also be a false generalization.
universal language yes- we all understand it. but
different music comes from different cultures which
have different grooves.

i like to groove. i like the intense groove from
live music. i love live music. i love the “jamband scene.”

april 15, 2004

ok. its 8pm and friends is comin on and here is my prediction. after copying then reviewing last weeks episode it seems to me omarosa is deliberately trying to sabotage kwame’s chances. i bet the donald may have even put her up to it as a test for kwame. his strength has always been questioned. my prediction is that kwame will step up, handle his business and win the whole thang. i even tried to place a $20 bet online but my credit card declined it cause of gaming. anyways this test should make or break kwame and i also expect bill to be tested. nick may be his nemesis. i told yall about omarosa and she was the last thing we saw on the last episode. they didnt show bill having much of any issue, his was minor. im rootin for kwame and hopin for an exciting show. bill is more typical of a ceo. yes cause of his white man ways. kwame is like a new modern breed of ceo. a ceo with a little bit of funk in him.

april 14, 2004
a co-worker had just got back from iraq…

Posted by PFUNK1 on 4/14/2004, 12:29 pm , in reply to “GOERGE W BUSH”

i asked her how could saddam control or put so much
fear in a whole country of people. he had to at least
have help or sumn.

she went on to explain that the iraqi people have been
beaten down for so long (centuries) that they have
no will of their own. alot of them are completely
fearful. she got choked up as she told a story about
how she described the to an iraqi the difference between
them and her. she said the difference is that if
saddam told the people to have the first born son
of every household to line up in the streets, she
said she believed most would do it. she said they
would give up one of their children out of fear
that they if they didnt saddam would come and then
kill their whole family.

she also went on to say that a lot of the woman
dont mind the burkas and dress, they see it as
something that makes them special and is designed
to protect them.

but she also said there are horrible atrocities being
commiteed against woman. a woman can be legally killed
for dishonoring her husband or father.

a father was beating his daughter and a soldier stopped
him from hitting the girl. the father turned to see
that the soldier was female and that was another dishonor.
the father and daughter left after the incident and
the next morning the girls body was laid at the
doorstep of the soldiers. she had dishonored her father.

everbody aint ready for democracy or freedom. the
idea of woman voting is nothing here, but maybe
unthinkable there

april 13, 2004
george w. bush is a good man “blinded” by his faith. i dont think he is deceitful or crooked, he really believes what he is doing is right. he is just mistaken, thats all. tonight during his press conference when he spoke passionately i felt it and responded to it. when he spoke from the heart i trusted him. i didnt agree with him, but i understood and trusted him.

he believes it is the almighty’s desire that freedom be spread to every human being and that america as the most powerful country has an obligation to spread freedom and democracy. he is christian. 

iraq is islamic. democracy is western. peoples and society’s have to be ready for democracy. freedom aint easy. iraq is an opec country. christians seem to love war. iraq may not be ready for freedom. 

just on whoopi she faked accidently knocked over a cardboard cut-out of g.w. bush and walked all over it. it was funny. just an hour ago i was for that kinda anti- gw humor. but after seeing him tonight i felt it out of place. out of place is the wrong wording but im tired. 

we are trying to change the world
president george walker bush

april 9, 2004
omarosa that BITCH!!! 
call it stereotyping or whatever you want but ive seen that kind of nigga bitch before. here is how i saw it; omarosa took a phone call about an issue about transportation arrangements as it seemed she was in charge of that. she was having dinner with her team and and gave the person a kinda “well we’e at dinner now” kinda response. to me, this person calling her is obviously important and calling for an important reason. she takes the call, gets back to the table and doesnt tell anyone what the call is about. even when pressed by the project manager and her teammates. 

the show goes on and the travel and transportation issue escalates and it comes out that omarosa may have really screwed up. kwame jackson, a brother who i really am impressed with (now), is the project leader and seems to have realized omarosa is incompetent. 

but the thing that gets me is that omarosa is telling kwame he needs to “step up” to being project manager and handle his business when its her part of the project thats failing!! then it seems kwame and other team members ask omarosa if there is anything they can help her with. she says no. it seems she is “guarding” or “protecting” her part of the project in an effort to keep it to herself. this doesnt allow others to see the real issue and to fix it. 

i do not think she is doing this on purpose to be a bitch- though i think she SHOULD do something very very crazy nigga bitch to get media attention and then go on to be americas most hated bitch. but i think i have seen other black females do this same kinda thing. and maybe black females can get away with this cause of their attitude and strength. they have the “strength” to back people off of them and they leverage being female and being black. their attitude may be one of insecurity and defensiveness which makes them feel like they are always being attacked, even when they are not. so it may seem they play the victim, but are the cause of the problem!!

with all that said and while discussing the show, i realized that she could be trying to hurt kwame chances. she could be deliberately trying to make this project fail.

conservative republican “family values havin” negroes on c-span
Posted by YINFUNK1 on 4/6/2004, 8:48 pm

black americas political action committee

i just watched actor joseph phillips,
a kinda cool looking brotha give a pro-bush speech

what if god was one of us?

a beautiful young black girl got an award for her work promoting abstinence…
Posted by YINFUNK1 on 4/6/2004, 8:58 pm , in reply to
“conservative republican “

CNN Apr 10 03:00am
Series, 60 Mins.
“The Mystery of Jesus”
Researchers pursue scientific answers to questions about Jesus Christ.
Original Airdate: September 21, 2003.

condoleeza, omarousa, oprah

Posted by jeffery on 4/8/2004, 8:55 pm , in reply to
“a beautiful young black girl got an award for her work promoting abstinence…”

homo sapiens sapiens negroid americanus

dr rice did very very well

omarousa and donald trump was on oprah


sistasPosted by yinfunk1 on 4/8/2004, 8:59 pm , in reply to
“condoleeza, omarousa, oprah”

homo sapiens sapiens negroid americanus femalia

april 2, 2004

Remembering victims with tears, laughter

Two burials remain, one today and one Saturday. By PATRICIA MEADE

YOUNGSTOWN — “Close your eyes,” the football coach said, his voice cracking, “and think of the crazy, silly things these two did.”

Seated in bleachers, hundreds of Cardinal Mooney High School students closed their eyes. The soft sounds of them shifting slightly in their seats could be heard in the cavernous gym.

Slowly, smiles spread across their young faces as they remembered Anthony C. Childs, 18, and Isiah Thomas, 16. The Cardinal Mooney footballplayers, along with their friend, Amanda M. Ferraro, 16, a Fitch High School student, died together in a one-car crash in Mill Creek Park last weekend.

The lives of the three teenagers ended as quickly as a candle flame caught in a breeze. They died on impact when their car rammed head-on into boulders that line Axe Factory Run bridge.

Still hospitalized in serious condition is the driver, Christiaen A. Lively, 18, a Mooney senior. Karla Kovalchik, 14, a student at St. Joseph’s in Austintown, remains in critical condition. Her sister, Lia Kovalchik, 16, a Mooney student, is in stable condition.

Looking back

“I can hear Anthony talking trash, how he was going to take me outside, beat me up …,” Mooney Coach Chris Amill said, grinning. “Isiah’s smile would light up a room. I remember his best line: ‘My name is Bobby Johnson.'”

(Johnson had been a football standout for Miami University).

Amill was one of several speakers Thursday afternoon at Cardinal Mooney’s memorial service, which included prayers for Amanda, whose Mass was earlier in the day at St. Joseph Church in Austintown. Prayers also were said for the three teenagers still hospitalized.

“Jesus always seems to have the right words, no matter what the occasion,” said the Rev. Stephen Popovich, pastor at Immaculate Heart of Mary. “He invites, Anthony, Isiah, Amanda, Christiaen, Lia and Karla into his outstretched hands.”

The pastor asked those assembled to join in as he sang “Lean on Me,” the Bill Withers love song that begins: “Sometimes in our lives we all have pain/we all have sorrow/but if we are wise/we know that there’s always tomorrow.”

The pastor said God “needs all of you to minister to one another.”

Sharing memories

Mooney football players Jeff Mitchell and Dan Young shared their memories of Isiah (jersey No. 22), who was buried today. Then football players Ron Stoops and Frank Cassese shared their memories of Anthony (jersey No. 21), who will be buried Saturday in Washington, D.C.So far, two busloads of Mooney students will travel to the nation’s capital for the service.

Jeff said he had so many good memories of Isiah, including Isiah’s nickname, “Grocery Bag.” He said his friend had been a truly genuine good person.

Laughter filled the gym when Jeff explained how he cut Isiah’s hair, accidentally cutting a bald spot into the back of his head. To check the damage, Isiah held a big mirror in front of his face and a small one behind his head.

“He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t see the back of his head,” Jeff said.

He received thunderous applause when he ended by saying, “We’ll never forget that big, humungous, gigantic smile.”

Dan said Isiah brightened his day and showed what it means to be part of Mooney football. “We reminisced [Wednesday] night and all agreed he was fast — had great potential.”

Touched their lives

Ron recalled his first sight of Anthony — in purple sweat pants. “Little did we know that he would touch our lives forever.”

Sunday, March 28, put everything into perspective, Frank told his fellow students. That’s when the news came that Anthony, Isiah and Amanda had died the night before.

Frank described Anthony as having a funny sense of humor and kind heart. He said the 2003 football team will always remember Anthony and will be “reunited and play again in a better place.”

Eight Mooney girls in long white dresses then performed a dance reflection to Josh Groban’s stirring song “You Raise Me Up.”

Amanda’s service

For Amanda at St. Joseph Church, the crucifix, draped in purple for her funeral Mass, was bathed in the gentle glow of candles.

Heart-wrenching sobs could be heard as the cloth-draped casket was pushed into place near the altar.

The church was filled with mourners, including Fitch and Mooney students.

Deacon Michael Roberts described Amanda as a “beautiful young girl” and said death is difficult to understand and harder to explain when a teenager dies. “Faith will sustain us as we struggle with the death of Amanda and the others who died,” he said.

He said the teenagers are at peace.

Nathaniel Pinkard, Mill Creek MetroParks police chief, said the accident remains under investigation.

april 2, 2004

march 31, 2004

Main Entry: vi·bra·tion
Date: 1655
4 a :
 a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit
that infuses or vitalizes someone or something
and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced

b : a distinctive usually emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed

march 30, 2004

guesses, estimates and surveys say around 10-15% of americans are atheist. there was a poll taken by a news station regarding keeping or removing “under god” from the pledge. the results were that roughly 10% of the people polled thought it should be removed. 

just seeing the word ATHEIST in the news was inspiring to me. seeing michael newdow argue his case in a system of people where the faith of 9 out of 10 people are against him. seeing his ex-wife stand up publicly and go against him. even his daughter for which he brought up the case  says she doesnt mind saying “under god.” i feel for this man and what he must be going thru. and i know that he may not “win” his case but what he is doing is very important. even if its just a first step. just getting the word ATHEIST in print and in peoples faces.

i realized that atheism is not taught in our culture. there aren’t even any examples to be looked to. i feel like for a lot of people the idea of a godless existence doesnt even exist. god and religion is taught and passed on as reality. so kids growing up cant even consider a life without god, its almost like its not an option. atheism is not advertised. the idea of an atheistic “advertising” campaign sounds interesting. just to have that idea out there so kids can go “daddy, whats an atheist?” its not to convert souls, its just to present an option and let people decide for themselves what they want to believe.

this made me think about how people feel about gay marriage and homosexuality. i realized they may think that if its not seen by their kids it wont be an option to even be considered. and as far as humans go, i believe this to be true. eliminate it as an idea and option by removing it from sight. same as with atheism. maybe kids growing up today dont even think of considering a understanding of life without god. 

on tv and in real life ive seen people experience tragedy and still call on god. this amazes me. how can a person have faith in and call on a god who would allow such tragedy in their lives to begin with? ive seen older people who have lived their lives the best they possibly could have (basically without sin even in their terms) and they still have great tragedy and pain regularly in their lives. AND then they will still call on and have faith in a god that can protect and help them. how can you call on a god to help you through a tragedy that he allowed? how can you call on a god to protect you from “evil” that he allowed to exist? i mean think about it. if something “bad” happens to you and god is all powerful and knowing, he allowed and approved the tragedy to happen to you. so how is it that after the event a person can ask god for anything? obviously it was in gods plan to have this happen to you and he is aware of the consequences. so what can you pray to him for? 

the dogma is so obvious. god cant be all the things that people say and believe he is. if he is all powerful then “evil” doesnt and didnt have to exist. if god created everything, he created “evil.” (i use “evil” cause i do not think “an” evil really exists.) if you pray and believe god can protect you, whatever happens to you he allowed and is part of his plan.  

its not god or jesus, its a person’s faith and belief in god and jesus. the power resulting from faith and belief is man made. humans and everything involved in the evolution to what we are today has contributed to this. 

i experienced a small part of a tragedy. a very small part as i know ive gone through nothing compared to the families of the kids and even my own kids. i stand humbled and speechless compared to the people close to this situation. but as i recall, during the few hours at the hospital god was absent. speaking from my point of view only, the idea of god did not even come up. not once do i remembering hearing anything about god. not once did i think to myself anything about god or religion the whole time, positive or negative. what i did see is people come together and handle a serious situation. i saw not an ounce of drama or conflict. nor do i remember any direct mention of god or prayer. it was people and love i saw in action. i saw my ex-wife “step-in” and handle things in a way that looking back made me proud. i watched as my children and families and friends interacted to help and comfort each other. 

looking back it makes me proud to be human. there is strength and power within the love thats within humanity. a force more powerful than god, but not more powerful than faith and belief in god. belief and faith are a human creation. belief, faith, love and the like are very closely related and maybe equally as powerful regarding the human being.  

i was just walking thru the halls at work and noticed a greeting card that somebody posted to thank people for supporting her in a time of need. people do not hold god accountable for nothing. they will overlook anything to maintain their belief in god. i saw the word “god” on the card but didnt stop to read it. i pictured in my mind someone invoking god’s name all around a tragedy, but not associating god with the tragedy. praising and worshipping him before and then asking for strength or whatever after,  but not holding him accountable for the event. man does not hold god accountable for anything. “bad” things that happened to us believers attribute to evil, the devil or their own weaknesses. while all “good” things are attributed to god. god is not held accountable for anything.

a church is a social group of people which has tangible positive attributes. the community and support system the church provides through its people coming together as a group is good. there is spirit in a church amongst the people. in some parts of society the church is the major institution or public system. i believe deeply in the spirit of people within the church. i believe most churches are a positive influence on individuals and community.  

1:18pm i was momentarily angered by a candid comment. told a friend what had happened via phone and his wife who he told commented jokingly something along the lines that my atheist ass need to thank god or somebody that my son was not in the car. i was instantly angered and my senses heightened. i said that was stupid and i dont use that word. and i meant it. at first i tried to let it slide but i had to comment. i said tell her thats stupid and if there was a god why did he let it happen? how can i thank a god that allowed people to die? what about the parents of the kids that did die, im thanking the same god they pray to for allowing their kids to die and mine to live? thats what i mean by not holding god accountable for anything. he wont get blamed for the deaths of the other children but im suppose to thank him for sparing mine? thank you god for letting the other kids die but not mine?

another person made the thank god comment i think as a reflex action and it started me a little but i let it go. i understand humans and manners and protocols and the things we humans do and say just to be polite. 

i was angered and energized and it was real. im not in the mood to properly discuss the god thing with someone cause i wouldnt be polite. i dont feel like being polite and respecting ideas that i think are ridiculous. sure anyone can believe whatever they want but right now im not very tolerant of things that just dont make sense. 

i used a word (“stupid”) in anger that i never use. but it was real and i meant it. i am still human no matter how enlightened and above it all i think i am. i am affected by human emotions. this is what makes being human so special. 

i am depressed, but i will be better.

6:52pm- and thats the difference between the idea of god / bible / religion and science. science is held accountable for itself. just as with my theories and philosophies, science must be accurate in its statements and declarations or they are disregarded. any idea or thought i have is always tested and compared with new data until it is invalidated. what i say is accountable to the accuracy of my statements. and i admit i love the fact things ive written years ago can stand unchanged to this day. 

i dont mind being wrong. in fact where im at now i learn more from the times that i am wrong. ive also noticed that even if having scattered mental bursts of random ideas, i rarely say anything that is grossly inaccurate. even when just playing around there is deep accuracy in my thoughts.

march 23, 2004

NBC 4 Mar 23 08:00pm Series/Comedy, 30 Mins.

Don’t Hide Love“, Episode #120.
Mavis’ cousin asks to use the hotel for her gay wedding on the same night that Courtney has scheduled a Republican social event.

Cast: Whoopi Goldberg, Omid Djalili, Wren Brown, Elizabeth Regen.
Producer(s): Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Werner, Marcy Carsey, Caryn Mandabach.

Original Airdate: March 23, 2004.

march 23, 2004

im happy and satisfied with the “progress” i see. issues are being put on the table for discussion. 

i dont and never trusted the bush administration and i dont know why other than to say i dont trust those kinda people. politically incorrect a statement it may be, but its true. maybe cause those kinda people always seem to be concentrating on controlling their emotions and reactions and this gives me a feeling they may be hiding something. the idea to go to war i didnt like or think justified. i saw richard clarke on 60 minutes sunday and he was convincing and credible. he said some things about the bush administration’s focus on iraq that i was thinking a long long time ago. it seems more and more people are coming out against united states policy and i seem to agree with them also. i also do not agree with the more conservative religious values of g. w. bush. im happy with the public’s opposition and action to check the bush administration. 

the decision about gay marriage is forcing discussion. i personally have no problem with gay marriages and for the life of me cant figure out why people are so worried about it and protecting the sanctity of marriage. this debate is good cause it concerns the underlying issue of religion, bible and god. and the conservative religious views on marriage, sex, love etc. 

the line “one nation under god” in the pledge of allegiance goes to the supreme court this week and i heard they must make a decision by june. i saw michael newdow (who filed the lawsuit and who will argue the case) on c-span and i liked his style and capability. he seemed focused, ready and worthy of fighting for the same thing that i want. and that says a lot for me and him. for me to say that someone else is capable of making a strong argument (or doing anything) without my help is something i just recently have been able to do. for a long time in my mind i wouldnt have been confident in anothers ability as i would have felt i could have done better. its kinda nice to be comfortable just supporting someone and believing they will do a good job. this also says a lot about him if i “trust” him to win the lawsuit and have the words under god removed from the pledge.   

when they find evidence of life on mars (it will probably be micro organisms) this will be another blow to religion and to those who believe in the bible’s idea of creation. 


its a very good time to be alive. the next few months should be really really fun. and im hearing george clinton and the parliament funkadelic are gearing up for a huge tour, movie and other big big world wide things. and my book will be out. oh yeah, im ready!!!

march 22, 2004


You are receiving this email because someone submitted your address
to the American Atheists’ endorsement software. If you wish to endorse this statement:


We, the undersigned support Atheist Michael Newdow and his efforts to remove the unconstitutional words “under God” from the nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.  Thank You, Michael Newdow, for your  efforts to defend the separation of church and state!

march 22, 2004 

From: Mitchell, Jeffery S SPL Contractor
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 7:10 AM
To: ****, ******* *
Subject: nigga bitch

“I’m going to crush my competition and I’m going to enjoy doing it.”
–Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth

Omarosa is a former political appointee in the Clinton and Gore White House. She currently works as a political consultant in Washington, DC. Omarosa had a humble youth, growing up in the projects ofYoungstown, Ohio, but she eventually graduated from Central State University. She also earned a Master’s degree from Howard University and is now working toward her Ph.D, which should be awarded to her in the spring of 2004. Omarosa’s hobby is pageantryand she enjoys working as an image consultant who has successfully trained a Miss USA, Miss Taiwan and Miss Guyana.
no wonder she was such a BITCH!!! 
omarosa is my new favorite word

THE APPRENTICE  is the ONLY reality tv show i watch. 

i had been watching this show for weeks and had to admit to myself that i liked it and was into this “reality” show. of the people participating i had my favorites and non favorites. omarosa was definitely a non favorite, but i didnt want her fired and off the show. she was the classic black female bitch type. so im watching the recap episode and she says she was born and raised in my hometown. i literally screamed!! 

the next day i wore my YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO shirt to work and sent the above e-mail to co-workers who are apprentice watchers. one was my boss and the other a friend girl who inspired me to create the term “nigga bitch.”   


march 19, 2004 
my life is so good. so many good things happen to me that i have to write them down to remember. this week was a good instance of that.


march 15, 2004
Posted by jeffery on 3/15/2004, 6:12 pm
“I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music.
It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain.
Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.”
George Eliot (1819-1880)

march 14, 2004 

saturday night live hosted by ben affleck

i love saturday night live

march 13, 2004

love is highest.
consciousness is most grand.
mother is most high.
family is best.
science will be religion.
rhythm everything.
groove is euphoric.
history is perfect.
information is power.
freedom is ultimate.
life is good.
there is no evil.
there is no god.
earth is heaven.
humans are good.
spirituality exists.
we funk.
why are we here.
money is nothing.
i love life.
i love life.
i love life.

PURE FUNK is my weapon of choice and i fear no evil.



march 11, 2004

“there’s no religion but the joys of rhythm”
Posted by ATHEISTICFUNK1 on 3/11/2004, 11:38 am

send your love, sting

Finding the world in the smallness of a grain of sand
And holding infinities in the palm of your hand
And Heaven’s realms in the seedlings of this tiny flower
And eternities in the space of a single hour

Send your love into the future
Send your love into the distant dawn

Inside your mind is a relay station
A mission probe into the unknowing
We send a seed to a distant future
Then we can watch the galaxies growing

This ain’t no time for doubting your power
This ain’t no time for hiding your care
You’re climbing down from an ivory tower
You’ve got a stake in the world we ought to share

You see the stars are moving so slowly
But still the earth is moving so fast
Can’t you see the moon is so lonely
She’s still trapped in the pain of the past

This is the time of the worlds colliding
This is the time of kingdoms falling
This is the time of the worlds dividing
Time to heed your call

Send your love into the future
Send your precious love into some distant time
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
Send your love
Send your love

There’s no religion but sex and music
There’s no religion but sound and dancing
There’s no religion but line and color
There’s no religion but sacred trance

There’s no religion but the endless ocean
There’s no religion but the moon and stars
There’s no religion but time and motion
There’s no religion, just tribal scars

Throw a pebble in and watch the ocean
See the ripples vanish in the distance
It’s just the same with all the emotions
It’s just the same in every instance

There’s no religion but the joys of rhythm
There’s no religion but the rites of Spring
There’s no religion in the path of hate
No prayer but the one I sing

Send your love into the future
Send your precious love into some distant time
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
Send your love
Send your love

There’s no religion but sex and music
There’s no religion that’s right or winning
There’s no religion in the path of hatred
Ain’t no prayer but the one I’m singing

Send your love
Send your love

march 10, 2004 
alright. this is it. not sure if im just tired of working on this book or if its really ready. i think a combo of both. but im ready. shit. its 1:22pm and im at work and i just called and got a username and password to upload the book to the electronic printer.

march 9, 2004
im thinkin there is no reason why i cant wrap it up tonight. i mean im ready. i want to write the last daily and subj exp then make that decision the content of the book is complete. its 5pm now, we’ll see…

yeah, this is better. was talkin to subj exp like i was ready and im not. we are still at level daily. this aint an event yet. soooo….

how can i end the book here? this feels weird. maybe this is it. all i feel now is..wait. i still havent really read…i wrote that in events as i was gettin ahead of myself. i will communicate here until the final finishing touches. and i was saying that i havent really read the whole thing as a whole for flow. i like the apprentice. trump plays the role. anyways i need to see and feel the document as a whole and i aint did that yet. soooooo….

and the cover. the cover needs some slight tweaking. but the idea and structure im happy with. i hope i like my writing post spell check. no i’ms and it’s and not ims and its. may make a difference. anyways 5:26pm….

there are a few things i need to cover. things i would feel funny writing a book and not mentioning. like my sister. she from day one made it clear she didnt want any likeness of her real or imagined anywhere near the internet. and my years of writing reflect that as her almost absence. i just got one thing to say about my sister that i came to realize just recently. me and her see things very differently- its like she has this uncanny ability to instantaneously find the instance that invalidates a point i just made. and i think this is from the fact that if i say i like something, more than likely its something she may not care for. with all that said we have never really clashed on the big issues in life. and ive never witnessed any decision or action by her that i very strongly disagreed with. we argue all the time but its like on the major issues we “agree” or understand without even acknowledging. like we never sat down and aligned our philosophies but its understood what is “crazy” and what is not. LOL but if i say up, she say down.  and her daughter my niece is just like her. this child is almost too smart. its scary. and be on beat sometimes too.

and mommy. a few back ago i realized ive written years and years here and never talked about my mother. this person did her job so good i may not know where i end and she begin. she has a power over me that no one on this planet has. an as alpha male im not ashamed to say that  i dont like it. she has done more for me than anybody. she has given more of herself to me than anyone. i still call her mommy cause thats what she still is to me. if you’ve ever had a black woman for a mother you know. they got sumn in them deep. too deep at times but it wouldnt be fun if they didnt. i dont know why ive never written about mommy here. wow. i aint even use to typin it. LOL.

i use to rationalize it with a comparison to my foot. my foot is very very important to me but if i worried about it even just a little i would go crazy. its healthy for me to be oblivious to the importance my foot is to me. did i just say that? i must be gettin sentimental or something. im loosing logic. thats another thing. if there are too many feelings in the infrastructure of the family it makes it hard to operate and execute. speaking like a team or machine.

i say all that to say that even i, jeffery scott mitchell, am nothing compared to human emotion. the worst flaws in human beings are the best parts about being human.  if it didnt hurt it couldnt feel so good. human  consciousness. love. for humans love is the highest and best thing in the universe. probably it was family’s that created love; nurturing and companionship. nurturing is mother. there is nothing higher than a mother’s love. because she carries and gives birth, no other relationship could ever come close. 

the stongest influence in my life was black female. not only my mother, but my great grandmother. my mother’s grandmother. della stewart. 817 hamilton ave farrell, pa. she lived in an alley. my childhood was weekends there with my cousins (who shall remain nameless so i dont get sued). church every sunday. birthday cakes. even when i was out of high school i use to go over grandmas, get a pizza and chill. it was cool.  

i never ever questioned that my children’s mother was the best parent for my kids. i had the honor of experiencing two pregnangcies and births with her and i witnessed the love. i saw it for myself. for her children ive seen her do amazing. she seems to pick good men too. of which i am very grateful. it was cause of gino jeffery is playing football now. i could not be the person i am today if i did not have the years knowing that my kids were happy and safe. and for this i am grateful.

this could get lengthy…

my father ive talked about here before and even have pics. no person has ever shown me more respect than my father. dont get me wrong he use to get beatings, but i deserved them. his side of the family is more reserved, conservative, disciplined. which are a good good thing when properly utilized.

my kids. ive spoke about them in the book so i aint gonna say much here. 7:08pm jeffery is the only person i know who is or has the potential to be better than me. kimberly is by far my favorite girl in the whole wide world and will probably be better than us both (she looks so much like her mother). my kids have the things i feel important and im very happy with them as people. cause in my experience its how much they like ya. and they is everybody from your grocer to your boss. ability comes second. and they both got rhythm and groove, thats important. 7:15pm

and though i may detest all emotional attachments i know life would be empty without family. family is most important. just thought id throw that in there.     

oh. what i want the reader to get out of the book. actually at this point you have read it so what should you have gotten? life aint so scary. some things arent really so important. it all really is nothing but a party.  

march 8, 2004
ok. im ready to hatch this egg. im ready to send this book to print and at least get a proof. from the proof i can decide if i wanna go forward with printing. im very close. very very very very close. “very very” is flagged by spellcheck and i use it a lot. it took me maybe 12 hours to spell check this doc and i didnt even do subjective experience. my writing style, syntax and casual spellin was gettin flagged every other word. i said forget it.  

current stats:
pages                            284
words                            218,533
characters (spaces)              1,215,263
characters (no spaces)           993,950
paragaphs                        4,273
lines                            15,586

over one million characters (with spaces). hell i had to type the spaces too! i been sayin hell a lot lately…in a kinda hillbilly slash archie bunker kinda way. anyways my point. 1,000,000 has always been a significant number for me. and to think i created something that has over a million things in it is cool. from computers to astronomy the quantity million is used to the point its a concept and gauge. 

and i probably should further clarify that we are talking ONE MILLION CONSCIOUS EVENTS. our physical body and brain does billions of things at the cellular level every second. but do have consciously done one million things…   

sitting here typing this im thinking what i will be thinking 5, 10 years from now when i read these words in the book.

i just wanna tie it all together and in doing so i may have wandered from my original idea that this was spose to be a webpage data dump and test of self publishing. all of a sudden i wanted a structure to cause the reader to flow- blah blah blah. skip all that to say i think the extra work of organizing was well worth the effort.

sometimes i can type without looking. the strange thing is i do it best when im not thinking about it. how do you try and do it better without thinking about it? i type super fast if i look though. but finding the keys by sense like im doing now is very stimulating. wow 

and all that was said to say what?

just to say that


march 8, 2004
i love summer. the warm weather changes me mentally and spiritually. i can literally feel a difference. yesterday was the first warm- summer like day in like 6 months. when i first got out and felt the day i just stood in the sun’s warmth for like 2 minutes.  as it went on my energy and confidence level went thru thru the roof. i drove the freeways, pch and sunset blvd with so much that i felt i could have anything that i wanted. knowing i have the wit, charm, groove, intelligence, strength and personality to have anyone or anything that i want. and i literally mean anything or anyone.

also i realized that 99% of the time there is no intrusion into my mornings. usually i awake minutes before my alarm naturally and the only thoughts or noise that i hear are the one’s in my head. i hear no one’s voice (in person, tv or otherwise) but my own for at least the first 20 minutes of most of my waking days.

march 7, 2004

P-Funk may be the ultimate 70’s riff. There are no requirements, no demands, no thinking, no nothing. This is entertainment – George Clinton’s stupid liberation movement that in essence fuses the post-Beatles search for meaning with neo-disco party sensibilities. “Stupid is positive. Dumb is when you f**ked up on the negative side. Funk is positive and negative,” Clinton explains. “Dumb you can know something and see it through the wrong thing. Stupid is you don’t know no better – positive ignorance.”

The Los Angeles Phonograph – December, 1976
Free From KMET
“Parliament/Funkadelic Drop The Funk Bomb On America”


march 3, 2004

i love bill maher
even though he believes in a god

march 2, 2004


march 1, 2004



march 1, 2004

the academy awards: NOBODY THANKED GOD!!!
Posted by ATHEISTICFUNK1 on 3/1/2004, 9:19 am

missed the first 45 minutes of the show
(it wasnt taped delayed to the best coast, so it came on at 5:30)

from the time i watched from 6:15 to around 9:15-

(which was kinda refreshing)
or rock or funk or metal

and it was lily lily lily white-
no color, no flavor

i love white people. (and im not being sarcastic.
i love them for their ways just as i love black people for theirs)

before the show as i sat pondering at a gas station on the
corners of century and normandie in los angeles,
i watched the activity of the black people all around-
(bunch of niggas up to no good, but supplyin product and services)
and i said outloud that i love black people. i love them
cause of the way and manner in which we do things.
our style, our coolness, our funk. then i asked my
buddy if a white person ever goes “i love white people”
the way i say “i love black people.” cause the characteristics
for which i love black people, white people dont have.
so i wondered to my buddy what would white people
find as attractive common qualities among themselves-

he imitated a white person going: “look at how
refined we are” “look at how much wealth we have”
they can look at the president of the united states,
the wealthiest people on the planet and the top
leaders of the world and say “i love white people.”
and get the same rush i do.

then i went and chilled and watched a lily lily lily white
funkless awards show (now dont get me wrong, they was looking good!!)
in which the biggest winner of the night was a movie
that when i first saw it i noticed how overwhelmingly
lily white (lord of the rings) was. that movie didnt
even have nobody darker than olive in it but it
was one of the best movies i have ever seen

so as i sat and watched hollywood’s best and brightest
looking and behvaing their refined best in a
huge gorgeous lavish room utilizing the latest
technologies being broadcast all over the world,
i thought to myself


i love white people



february 29, 2004


fuck religion
i believe in my relationship with GOD

boooski bear


february 26, 2004

presidential election 2004: seeds of a new civil war?
Posted by ATHEISTICFUNK1 on 2/25/2004, 9:30 am

be comfortable within your own personal philosophy
and be prepared to make a stand with YOUR OWN principles

gay marriage
prayer in schools (faith based initiatives)

and maybe eventually you will HAVE to take a stand on god
religion vs religion (faiths that claim to be of the one true god will clash eventually)

seems the ultimate issues are being put on the table for discussion
“news” programs on the facts about jesus on CNN????

PURE FUNK is my weapon of choice, and i fear no evil

heaven is being completely comfortable
within your own belief system and understanding of everything



the passion of the christ
Posted by ATHEISTICFUNK1 on 2/25/2004, 9:20 pm ,
in reply to “presidential election 2004: seeds of a new civil war?”

good movie

oh yeah. the dialogue has begun…
Posted by YINFUNK1 on 2/26/2004, 6:44 pm ,
in reply to “the passion of the christ”

discussions about the movie
are leading to open discussions about one’s faith

and this is just the beginning…
im ready

let’s take it to the stage

if your personal philosophy cant hang ya better step back

take your beliefs up in there and get ya feelings hurt
have your personal philosophy disproved by someone who
just explained your own personal beliefs back to you
better than you can express them to yourself

when he shows you how and why you believe what you do
and then why its flawed

your own personal belief system
dismantled and put back together before your very eyes

now all of a sudden you dont understand your own god


now you dont know what to believe!!!

watch what happens when we start to have
open, honest, public, fair and fear free
discussions about god

just watch

im ready



february 23, 2004

Dear Publisher:
Your EPCN application for a Library of Congress control number for Title:
ISBN:  “0-9742763-0-8”
was successfully transmitted to the Library of Congress.


february 22, 2004
all that happened was that i brushed against her when she walked by. in a semi-deep groove to kool and the gang’s hollywood swinging i turned to the surprise of who it was i just touched. my evening was completely made. and oh how i danced in that.  


we can do this
Posted by jeffery on 2/22/2004, 12:21 pm

we can do this for always
we can do this every night and day

until the time comes to walk away
lets not call it quits

until we have done all we can do
lets keep going strong til we’re thru
it aint over til we’re thru
lets not call it quits

cause the clock on the wall says that its not time to go
(can you see the clock on the wall?)

we can do this, kendra foster                more dailys

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