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Me Speaking On The Mic For The First Time At A General Assembly (Los Angeles)

CNN Report That Supports The Claims I Have Been Making

Talking About What I Saw In Oakland & S.F.

On The Ground In Oakland October 25, 2011 uses PFUNK1 Occupy Oakland Teargas Video uses PFUNK1 Occupy Oakland teargas

Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles: Norwood Fisher of Fishbone and leader of Trulio Disgracias (who performed) Endorses Occupation Effort
Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles: Trulio Disgracias Soundcheck
Why I Think What Is Happening
Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles Media Tent
Protest Arriving City Hall
 We’re Fired Up!

 Aggregate Demands Lists October 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles Objectives Committee Open-Ended Unadopted Demands

OWS Los Angeles ObjectivesCommitte Working Demands List

me just’a talkin’
Got to shout out Dr West at OWS Los Angeles said I seen him at bootsy he said yeah him and bootsy doing sumn in DC in two weeks…
 Dr West acknowledged agnostics and atheists as part of the movement!
  Dr Cornell West fixin to speak OWS Los Angeles. I get here P.A. system not hooked-up put on my cape bam bam bam I love doing in front of an audience I want the bomb I want the p-funk!!!!! Dr west in a minute….

I love the General Assemblies
 I setup the public address system for tonights Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles’ General Assembly meeting and I bumped Keith Olberman. Attended my first Demands/ Objectives committee meeting today.


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