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Subjective Experience December 2, 2003

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12-02-03 trulio disgracias 

gp funk squad

funkin pie

good hurt – los angeles, ca
11-25-03 fishbone the viper room – hollywood, ca
11-17-03 steelers vs 49ers 3com park – san francisco, ca
11-14-03 lettuce cafe du nord – san francisco, ca
11-01-03 mooney vs st joseph ysu stadium – youngstown, oh
10-29-03 sun ra tribute: 

space is the place screening

build an ark record release

templebar – santa monica, ca
10-19-03 temple bar santa monica, ca
10-17-03 post game party mvr – youngstown, oh
10-17-03 mooney vs ursuline ysu stadium – youngstown, oh
10-10-03 meshell 


house of blues – hollywood, ca
10-03-03 trulio disgracias fais do do – los angeles, ca
09-29-03 p-funk allstars canes – san diego, ca
09-28-03 p-funk allstars canyon club – agoura hills, ca
09-25-03 p-funk allstars paramount theater – oakland, ca
09-23-03 dakah usc campus – los angeles, ca
09-19-03 weapon of choice 

zion i


templebar – santa monica, ca
09-14-03 tv: steelers vs chiefs refs station square – pittsburgh, pa
09-13-03 mooney vs harding ysu stadium – youngstown, oh
09-05-03 mooney vs shaw venice beach, ca
09-04-03 fishbone 

common sense

the toledo show


2 cent

the whisky – hollywood, ca
08-30-03 p-funk allstars tower city amphithater 

cleveland, oh

08-29-03 mooney vs st thomas aquinas central catholic high school 

canton, oh

08-22-03 mooney vs e. liverpool ysu stadium – youngstown, oh
08-21-03 p-funk allstars bb kings – times square new york city
08-21-03 world trade center site manhattan – new york city
08-20-03 p-funk allstars 9:30 club – washington, dc
08-06-03 four19 

ill again

templebar – santa monica, ca
08-02-03 rick’s/andrea’s birthday party union city, ca
08-01-03 joe’s crab shack fisherman’s wharf – san francisco, ca
07-31-03 mc funk blind melons – san diego, ca
07-27-03 ceaser’s palace, bellagio las vegas, nv
07-19-03 las vegas las vegas, nv
07-17-03 goaple 

deek mckeith

knitting factory – hollywood, ca
07-10-03 the afro celts 

electric skychurch

twilight dance series 

santa monica pier

07-05-03 dakah calfornia plaza – los angeles, ca

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dakah – july 5, 2003 – california plaza

dakah hip-hop orchestra does “come in out of the rain” by parliament
Posted by jeffery on 7/6/2003, 10:25 am did it and it may have been the highlight of the evening- (im not talkin for others, for me it definitely was) as it seemed to have gotten the biggest ovation…leaving i check my voice mail and its my sister who is back home in ohio visiting “live band jeffery, you missin it” they was doing “make my funk the p-funk.” for the 4th i did “taste of america” at the rose bowl and when i gets there i run into the who was a side band on the concourse playin a long jazzy, but subtley funky version of flashlight.

when i get out of the rose bowl on my voice mail is the studio version of dr funkenstein and then later mothership connection “boy i told you, you missin it” from my buddy who was at an all day 4th of july block party in compton. these is just the p-funk over lights of this holiday. i wore my P-FUNK1 jersey this whole weekend cause sometimes i feel like turning it out.” and sometimes i do exactly that. 1 am so in love with my existence that life may be the only girlfreind i could ever have…

the dakah event
Posted by jeffery on 7/6/2003, 12:30 pm, in reply to “dakah hip-hop orchestra does ”
the dakah event happened 7-5-03, downtown los angeles. california plaza. it was put on by california plaza is beautiful and new. lighted dancing water fountain behind orchestra. lighting, sound, seating, all top notch. they had a company that recorded it and you could buy a copy after the show that would be mailed to you in a week. this was a “white folx” event, but it was very diverse. some sitstillers, but not the high % usual in something this relaxedly upscale. summer casual formally, put on by almost conservative artsy types. but the crowd was diverse and middle class urban. i think they were raising $ for the walt disney concert hall. dakah is spose to play this new concert hall worth hundreds of million dollars…

dakah is like a 60 piece orchestra, violins, horns, 2 djs on turntables, persussion, etc. not sure if there were guitars or a bass. upfront was lonnie, gabby, girl from 419, audra, fanny, dj haul, mason, double g was maestro, mark, davey, it was like a weapon of choice optic nerve templebar side project reunion. i didnt know they was in dakah. lonnie and gabby rapped only. and gabby was good (yes, a bit of surprise at how good). actually lonnie too rappin now that i think about it, wasnt use to seeing them not playing just rappin…

i mean i gets there and i know a bunch of ’em!!! there is an excitement from running into people you know and get a good vibe from. i done did it many times with these folx so they know me and how i do it. and i made sure they seen me as i walked bouncin and groovin and sendin energy dead on beat.

this was early in the show when it was still light out. there was this walkpath in front of the sound booth that kinda jetted out a bit. that point is a dead on clear view for the whole band and a good prtion of the crowd of maybe 2000??.

i walked that pathway while the band was in groove snapping my fingers doing my thang lettin my light show and hopefully showing them how much i love this and them and everything. and since i been feeling like turning it out im PFUNK1 jersey down. so imagine when double g announced the next song was special and he hope he dont get all choked up. imagine when he said it was by parliament-funkadelic. (and he said it with that “right” snap. “parliament-funkadelic). also by this time i was in almost full groove. i know from experience that a good portion of the crowd had felt my energy already and seen that p-funk on my back. so when he said those words and that moment…

fanny sang “come in out of the rain.” and yeah oh shit- lily hayden soloed during this song. audra (i love her), mark and the other booty cute sista that sings with audra did backing vocals among others. i video’ed it and am listening to it and watching now (also just got thru re-visiting rhenium) oh yeah, come in out of the rain turned it out.

there was this polynesian type guy dancin next to me early in the show. he was standing right next to me on my right slightly behind me. behind us was a small standing crowd and behind that an outdoor forum type seating area of maybe 200 people. we were in view and most people were not moving, so our movements and gestures were noticeable to a bunch of folx. at first i felt his energy but didnt get his groove. and when i got more into the groove (as he must have too while vibin me as i was him though we were focused on the music. which was a common beat). i started to notice rhythm in his dance. it was like a running motion but not picking up feet. he was moving his arms, legs, shoulders in a continuous circular motions. there was no pattern or rhythm to it really and especially THERE WAS NO STOP OR ACCENT ON ANY BEAT. it was like a flow of motion. (uh oh, last time i said that was about the non rhythmic deadhead wanderers imitating dancing). soon i could feel rhythm in this flow of motion and groove to it. dakah was laying it down so we was got to groove in each others energy for awhile. then at one point when i could really feel it, i angled my view across him and snapped my fingers and bounced on a beat that felt in time with him, though he had no accents or defined any indications of the beat. we were groovin together i could feel it and the angle i took gave a good number of people behind me a good view of this and i knew it. i smiled cause i knew it. i knew they could feel it. big ole black 40 yr old american male dead on beat celebratory groovin with a 50 sum’n polynesian guy. and we was gettin it though we never acknowledged each other and to tell the truth his eyes could have been closed but even so he heard my finger snaps cause they were right there as i held it high for everyone to see as i smiled with enjoyment form the feeling i was getting. i was publicly enjoying a good feeling and enjoying the fact that i was enjoying it in public. almost a self perpetuating energy.

twilightdance series july 10, 2003 santa monica pier

electric skychurch had groove. that mix of caucasian and middle eastern music styles over american modern beat and instruments. very vibey, very

good. almost trancey kinda grooves. she wore all white flowing in the wind

clothing and danced like a white girl except she was on beat in an almost

soulful way. i was checking them out when i noticed this guy who looked

mentally or physically disabled doing that forward and back thing that

autistic or blind people do. but then i noticed it had rhythm. not so much

if it was on beat or not, but i noticed that what he had a almost tight

rhythm. it seemed very very slightly behind the beat. and like it was

hitting the wrong beat of the groove. my vibe on full my energy all over

the place im vibin everybody and everything. i felt good and it had to

show in my smile.

so im gettin into the music and again notice my man was almost hittin

the beat consistently. his lean forward move wasn’t ending on the typical

hard head beat. he was like off the main beat in such a consistent way it

created a new groove that naturally had to be in time with the music. same

rhythm, different beat. anyways i feel him so i step my groove up and give

him some. i dont care if he handicapped or not. no mercy when it comes to

the groove. the groove is so universal there is no excuse for anyone not

to find a groove. in fact, it may be impossible not to have a groove. so i

give him some and then i hear someone call to and then guided him back. im

seeing him out of the corner of my eye purposely. i dont want to make eye

contact. i want him in my peripheral vision. i did not want to be focused

on him. i may have discovered this just then. im feeling him and im

smiling and i know some of the standstillers were observing our

interaction. as im thinking i do not remember paying any attention to his

guardians or the people i thought were them. i sent energy only to


anyhows now i have the idea and confidence to just groove with him like

this. i was clearly looking at the ground but it was obvious he was in my

peripheral. though he didnt hit his beat harder or faster. i could feel

that he felt me and stepped up his groove. or made his groove more solid

more confident. and he was on beat. or on a rhythm that was definitely on

groove with the music. this made me feel so good i smiled with a joy that

everybody had to see. i could have had tears of joy very easily. it felt

soooooo gooooood. cause i knew people around us saw this big black at

least kinda cool male in a solid deep groove with what vappeared to be a

slightly disabled late 20 sumn white male. i was wearing my kordell jersy.

standing next to me on the other side was a mixed group of 4-5 young

fast teenage girls. the black one was cute, but her vibe made her not. i

think they was clowning rhythmic disabled guy in a way that kids do. still

wrong, but so “childish” that it could easily be ignored.

anyhows i check the black girl and she ofcourse is the major one clownin

and she dancin but she off beat. i imagined myself saying to her “at

least he is on beat, you aint.” she appeared to be off-beat due to

nervousness. or the excitement of being in public energy. i thought maybe

cause she doing something she know is wrong she couldnt hit the beat.

cause one time i caught her doing a move that was off beat, but she did it

for real the way only a black female can. a strengthy neck snake move with

arms reaching out. it was very good and even tingled me.

so now i got this idea to angle myself and vibe rhythm in my

peripheral. like im looking across the person, not at them. thinking about

it now i did this at dakah. and ive had instances where ive done it before

many times, but this time i was doing it purposely with intention and i

knew it. i was actively doing it and actively positioning myself so that

his rhythm was somewhere within my sight range.

so i move around a bit and notice this black guy bouncin on it behind

me. and he’s hittin the beat dead on too. bouncin on it so fast in double

triple or whatever time that it looked as if he was shaking. but he was on

it tight. so i just vibed him whole and gave him all kinds of rhythms

back. aggressive off rhythms, broken, missing, stopping- but all dead on

the rhythm. changing my groove while staying on the beat. he was feeling

it and we clowned. again i avoided eye contact, but did run from it. me

and him did it for maybe 30 minutes and then the crowd adjusted and he was

off the way

so i end up behind this white lady with one of them nice thin but fat

in places white lady bodies. she had on stretch pants and her butt was

alright. i noticed her stretching and doing meditation yoga type moves

that were no where near the beat on purpose. the arms raised flowing in

the wind type thing. she was dressed nice and she looked like the mother

off bold and the beautiful. anyhows i starts to vibe her but she is

directly in front of me. i not sure she can see me, but i do it anyways.

it seemed she was feeling it, i think i could feel her energy go up with

mine and maybe mine with hers. the disabled (for lack of a better word, i

dont like using disabled but will until i think of a better) dude i think

was 15 feet behind me. out of my view. but me and cute white lady in

stretch pants get it going when these two middle eastern northern africa

type girls are next to me and behind her. they started singing or chanting

something kinda low but i could hear it under the music and it was

pleasant. i grooved to it for a bit. before i noticed them standing behind

me and they somehow moved up to be next to me. then stretch pants white

lady turns and puts them in fornt of her and steps behind them, i think

the chanting she didnt like. so she’s standing by me and we groove.

i got deep into it feeling it all this time and the people. afro celts

are now playing after an intermission and im groovin. during all this

groovin i noticed a medium heavy set white guy doing the white boy goofy

dance. but i notice he is on beat. and i mean he is waving and flailing

all over the place, but he is solidly on the beat and i could feel it

deep. i turn to have him in my view and vibe him a bit.

i notice im actively, blatantly and constantly scanning the crowd for

people on beat. i notice what i vibed as a gay guy in shorts doing disco

moves on beat. on a solid beat he was 1970’s down but he couldn’t been

more than 30ish. i get him in my outer view and vibe him a


i position myself at a point and stand so that in my peripheral is

stretch pants white lady, the black guy who by then came over by us, awful

goofy guy and disco danny. and all of them on beat with different dancing

patterns. god did this feel good. we was gettin it. i deliberately avoided

eye contact. i didnt want to meet them that way. i wanted to engage their

physical rhythm energy. not them they way we understand


i looked for rhythmic disabled guy and he was gone. i may never forget

him. it seems at times he was looking back at me. making eye contact. when

he did i avoided it. it tickled me kinda so turned with a smile. if he was

making eye contact with me he would have notice me deliberately turning

from him, but because of happiness and joy. i was smiling hard. i have a

lot of happy inside me and it was active.

when the black guy left he told me to “take it easy” in a

relaxed confident voice chillin voice. he looked as if he was homeless. or

from another country and very sloppily dressed. not sure, but one time me

and him was in a groove and he had a smile so big it almostg brought a

tear to my eyes. it was full a full mouth deep smile that used all the

muscles in his face. it was a smile that came from deep inside him. i can

smile like that and i did when i saw his. it was the widest biggest smile

ive ever seen a human being have. it was undeniably genuine.

were we all on the same beat? different grooves definitely. did we have

different rhythms?

one time me, disco danny and the black guy started doing a riverdance.

afro celts were very very good also, will definitely go see both afro

celts and electric skychurch again.


july 19, 2003

took a cruise up las vegas blvd between 11am and 1pm with more

energy and confidence than ever. had laurie’s big ole suv literally rockin.

lettin people feel me good and wide. lots of positve feedback from people.

puttin it on ’em. lettin my light shine. (matt damon doing a skit on

saturday night live as justin timberlake wearing a visor that says

“FUNK”) this cruise was next level in that i felt it and thought

of using my energy aggressively. later tonight i took a walk outside just

to go around and peep the end of the band playin on fremont street. as im

walking up, and i mean LITERALLY as im walking up i hear a familiar riff.

the cover band went into we want the funk. it was cover generic but

the lyrics and energy was good. i let the band and the crowd feel my

energy. wavin my funk sign as i walked thru the crowd towards the stage i

get there givin energy then turned so the lead singer could see the P-FUNK

on my back. he said “thats what im talkin about.” i had been out

there 2 minutes and gettin props from the stage.

ceaser’spalace, bellagio

jul7 27, 2003

i did a trip with a female. yes. me. i had fun. i was not a gentlemen. i

didnt do the gentlemenly things that most men do to impress a female.

after been thinking it awhile, not even sure why i didnt. i know how to, i

just didnt. it wasnt that kinda trip for me, i dont think. but i can say

this. whatever it was that made me do this was real. it was deep and a

real and i believed as i do now with every ounce of my being that i was

doing and did the right thing. im happy. i had a goodtime. i even may have

enjoyed the conflict. cause this female had qualities that i enjoyed in

lieu of how spoiled she may or may not be. she also may be a product of

her special qualities. and deservedly so. still no matter how special her

qualities, i couldn’t do it.

mc funkjuly 31, 2003 blind melons

cosmic slop, biological speculation, cool joe, jimmys got a little bit of

bitch in him


steelers vs chiefs

drove to pittsburgh to televison the game in the holy

land. it felt a bit strange to wear my PFUNK1 steeler jersey in pittsburgh.


of choice sept 19, 2003 templebar

man, this was a very good night with mi fave local band

in mi fave local place. we went next level on many fronts. we had church

up in there. it was so good that after the set most of the crowd was still

feeling the energy and dancin. i aint never seen so many people dancin and

in groove like that aftter a show. even after the lights came on we was

still groovin.

been going to this place for a few years now but

never ventured beyond the main hall. this night i not only went thru the

door i never go thru but i got to hang out upstairs with lonnie and the

crew. it was good and so was the show.

dakah sept

23, 2003 ucla

this show was in the beautiful wide open mcathy quad

and the way the orchestra and stage was layed out was beautiful. it

ofcourse was huge to hold all the musicians. and when the sound was right,

it sounded good. but it wasnt right enough and this delayed and stopped

the show enough to disrupt the flow and energy. it started late, and i

think this along with it being kinda cold weighed down the energy. double

g stopped the show more than once to get the mics right. it never really

got going good good. but it did get going and was more than just

enjoyable. juliana? the 419 girl continues to impress me or should i say i

like her vibe more and more. lonnie and gabby from weapon of choice

surprise me everytime with their rap. i dont know why either, but

everytime i see them either they get better or im not remembering their

talent or im just sleepin on them.

there was some good lookin college girls out this

day too. the cute plain (not all cosmetic looking) and just a little heavy

in the right places kind. anywayz i like dakah. i really like them and not

cause its like a templebar reunion when i see them or cause double g gives

major props to p-funk by playing parliaments come in out of the rain

or cause my fave dj’s haul and mason are in the band or cause audra (i

love her) or fanny or mark (was keaton there?). i think its cause of

the groove. the rhythm. i like the tempo, motion and style of the music.

maybe its the full sound of an orchestra in a groove.

i was also moved by a girl playin violin in the

string section who was vibin and bobbin her head to the beat. she was

gettin it and i felt her and it moved me. she had on a black cap and from

what i saw was nicely thick in the right places but thats not the

point. it was feeling her groove and the music and my groove. she was on

it. mark (weapon of choice) also got down in a non rap vocal that was very

very refreshing. it wasnt r&b or rap but like a nice funky hook. it

had good groove and bounce and movement and it was nice cause it wasnt rap

or r&b sounding.


allstars 09-25-2003 paramount theater


drove up with LLL caught the show and drove back. LLL drove back i slept

woke up in burbank. went home slept a couple more hours then went to

work. i left work about noon we hit the freeway about

1:30ish hit oakland nice and early. the venue was an old rich theater with

heavy bolted seats and a balcony. my seat was in the balcony. we ran

into a buddy we see at many shows who lives walking distance from the

venue and he pointed us at fast food. burger king. this place is

downtown oakland and there were a lot of black people.

oakland show Posted by PFUNK1 on 9/26/2003, 3:13 am

ended at 10:55pm

a good ordinary show

big plush formal theater with seats

and ushers

well not ordianry

george came out during cosmic slop

seems to me mr hampton didnt wanna stop playin

so the boss stepped in

it was good though cause lily hayden seemed

to call mr hampton out and they went at maggot brain

they eventually met center stage and did a very electric maggot

very very electric

on the freeway goin to L.A.

laptop, internet connection thru cell phone

listening to a copy of tonights show LLL made

he drivin

oooopsi meant maggot brain…

Posted by



9/26/2003, 3:29 am


in reply to “oakland show”

george came out during maggot brain

which was played firstyish

i feel good

had a good time

lots of black people

i love black people

a few pimp wanna be niggas

a nicely mixed crowd though

had good rhythm



maggot brain

cosmic slop


knee deep

yeah they went into that early

i forget the rest

i aint good with setlists

i my likin kendras fat cat exec step to this

thinkin it aint over poo poo mans james brown

groove medley more and more

dont give me no bad news

dont tell me the concerts been called off!!

go ahead with your bad news

dont tell me its too late to get off!!

is playin now from tonights show and

thats what i was singing enetering the venue


now that i got your attention

then belita

calling all singers and musicians

most of all we funk

LOL i love all people too, but…
Posted by PFUNK1 on 9/26/2003, 1:30 pm

in reply to “Let the record show…”

there are certain things a high percentage of black american people do and are that NO OTHER ON THIS PLANET can do or match and it might not be visa versa and i dont see a lot of black people day to day so when i can feel and experience my people its signifigant to me.

bernie aint do much, at least not from what i could hear think he was doing sumn in never gonna tell it but it was too low to tell. blackbyrd didnt get a solo cause maggot brain ran so long. mcfadden got a good solo. roncat was there. no moon sighting. atomic dawg in the house. shonda c is cute and thick. even though they strictly enforced assigned seats soon as the lights went out the ushers kinda dissipated. 420 all in the air

to me, a fairly ordinary show other than the maggot brain thang. im at work now, hungry. enjoying the cloudy headedness of it all. im sure others will post less subjective reviews

AND that thing that makes black americans uniquely special…

Posted by jeffery on 9/26/2003, 2:59 pm
in reply to “LOL i love all people too, but…”

may have been the thing or things that created the acknowledged idea of “funk” in the first place that special flava. or style, or attitude or rhythm orthinking or coolness of whateverthey way we walk andthe way we cook our food to the way we talk is”funky” like no otherspecially when it comes to partyinso to me in my study and experienceit is very signifigant.iaint hatin on nobody else. jus callin them as i see themand i sometimes i choose to see thingsvery very subjectively based on my experience and verypersonal preferenceas so should everybody sometimesi feel goodi feel really good

pfunk allstars canes – san diego – 09-29-03
we had church. it went next level. during never gonna tell it berniegot into the mix on keyboards and it took the energy way way up. the houselights went dark with a strobe light only and this added to the energy. ifelt like i hit a higher groove once again.istood almost under bernie’s keyboards. george was 10 feet from me and 4feet above me the good part of the night. stood right there when mikehampton and lily hayden did maggot brain. couldnt have been more than 15feet away. right by the speaker good sound. the song lily hayden doeswith george has a catchy kinda complicated groove. its a love song with anice flow.aquaboogie was good. i tried to get the we want the funk chant going duringit. looked up and lige didnt have a bass on and realized bernie was playinthe bass line. then i started to feel it. bernie was into the show. he went to the mic with gary to get the crowd going.leftwork at 4 and drove down. traffic wasnt bad. go there at about 6ish i think. on the ocean. had lots of time as i desired so i just chilled. sawgary and bernie hanging out by the buses which were parked out front. i parked and logged on to the internet and then ran into cloned maggot and his buddy and we got hot wings and fries which were damn good. talley andhis cousin showed up. mc funk was in the house hollered at was good. the energy i think is the most important and not necessarilywhat or how what is played. they achieve that “high” almostevery show with some highs being higher than others. never gonna tell itwas this nights high and the strobe light effect was euphoric.italso seems george clinton and the p-funk allstars are not playing p-funkso to speak. the play a funky energy music and it may be a new p-funk butit aint the traditional p-funk music. in fact, a good chunk of the showaint even parliament or funkadelic music. and sometimes even when thats played its a higher bouncier groovier movement. maybe george is tryin toget a new style out and using the lure of p-funk to get an audience forhis new kinda groove. i like the new kinda groove cause a big part of itis rhythm guitar.drove backafter the show. nice 2 hour ride on the huge almost empty 5 freeway home about 4amish i think and had luckjed out a once a year schedule change at work to handle the swing shift during the once a year year endclosing. went in at 5 and a friend of mine had made me a plate and she dida good job and everybody left so it was nice and quiet. i had to cover thecontracting dept which is my fave dept and not cause its like 95% femaleok maybe it is. work went well got out of there around 12:30 andthought about the trulio disgracias show at the good hurt i missedcause i had to work this night.

truliodisgracias faisdodo oct 3, 2003
me and benita got there late but right after quinto sol’s (i think) set.trulio took the stage with that raggedy unrehearsed funky free style andjust kinda started playin. i looked at it differently tonight the same wayi have recently looked at the p-funk allstars. there are times when its gonna be raggedy and stuff but they always seem to get it going good atleast once a show. trulio and norwood did that this night, in fact theygot it going good more than once. most of the crowd had left.there was a black dude singing backup witha tall thick funky sista and just about everything that he initiated wasp-funk. every chorus or chant he started wasa p-funk lyric and when heplayed bass he dropped atomic dog. i was diggin it. norwood say he gonna put this trulio disgracias thing together for real and will even scheduledates 4 weeks out! its a gray overcast southern california sunday morning and im spose to call him but im still in the bed so we’ll see how thatgoes.

soulive, meshell – house of blues – oct 10, 2003
soulive opened for meshell and they was good. the bass line playedby the organ or hammond by neal was deep and hard. and because the basswas so penetrating it gave soulive’s music a funky funk kindafeel.meshell came out mellow and jazzysophisticated. a smooth hard funky kinda jazzy. she didnt play hardly anyof her hard hittin hits. she was into a deeper jazz funkier feel. one songsaid “everybody’s got a little light under the sun”very diverse crowd, probably cause therewere a number of cute black females there and/or black lesbians mixed inwith the soulive jamband crowd. so you had cool black people and jambanders side by side.

mvr october17, 2003
post game victory party downtown by choffin. me, kimberly and ej rode thru and jeffery got there with some of his teammates later. them white kidswas partyin! parents and stuff in the resturant area and the kids (and me)were on the bacchi courts with a dj. mostly black rap groove music as iwatched the kids gettin it. i love the energy of the kids. black girlsdoin a modern electric slide sumn that was tight on the groove. a coupleof 6-7 year old white boys on feeling the music and after a few imrelaxed being the only adult in groove. jeffery gets there and ihear “P FUNK 1” over the mic. then jeffery busts afreestyle rap (he was the only person to rap all night) as i get my grooveon. kimberly was gettin it to on the dancefloor and it was good cause shewas on beat, and stayed on beat. even when that little teenage boy wasridin her ass during a booty song. it didnt bother me seeing my daughterbooty dance with somebody as long as she was on beat when she was doingit. i had a good time, i bought a mvr t-shirt.

templebar oct19, 2003
got off the airplane on which i had my first first class experience where the movie was legally blonde 2 and they played atomic dog in it after havin givin up my ticket for a $200 exchange coupon which i will need to go backand see them cardinal mooney cardinals in the playoffs and so forth but the point was that i felt in a groove. i had a weekend so rich andgood in experience that as i sat chattin online at 3am after the night wasover i teared up. i felt good and wanted to groove so i figured i’d pop inmi fave hangout…got in the place a dj was doing his thingin a more hardcore ghetto style than im use to in mi fave place. also theyounger djs switch songs too much. way way too much. i realized how goodhaul and mason are too last night listening to this guy. he wasnt bad at all, just not as good in execution or in his personal selection of themusic. anyhow i looked around at how many niggas was in the place andsmiled and laughed everytime the non-black dj played a record with theword nigga in it for this mostly non-black mostly white sparse crowd. they love our music and our style. anyways there was this tall, brown longlegged long french braided sista in the place with a brotha dancin. she wasthick and just plain enjoyable to look at and tall and brown. in the zone i was in whether it be real or imagined i felt i could have or figure out how to get anything i wanted her included and even after she was kissin homey right there on thedance floor. anywayz i seen how he moved and as an animal he had nothing for me. i knew i could step it up to a physical dance that wouldclearly show i was the dominant male, but not in a threatening aggressiveviolence threatening way. it was cool cause even right after isaw her slobbin him down i smiled still thinking that and the real tinglecame when it truly didnt matter that she was kissin him. maybe to them andthe rest of the world them kissing on the dancefloor means somethingbut where i was it was insignificant. and if anything it added to it. anyhowsi aint disrespect or even show direct attention but i did send vibe theyway. i danced and moved to let her know i was a strong male animal. iwatched as it seemed their activity ebbed and flowed with mine. or maybe ours together with the music.i sat on a swiveling barstool andpositioned it so i could let myself spin slowly all the way around whilebeing in groove. using the motion of spinning and body movement to createmore beats and rhythms against each other while visually taking in therhythm, energy and movements of the people around me and the sound system’s speaker which i sat very close to.white girls gettin it and i was diggin itas i looked across them to have her in my peripheral vision so i could seeand feel her rhythm and movement without the direct eye to eye contact. i let her feel my energy and vibe and without direct acknowledgement though i vibed her directly. also i was so on the groove that the djdrop a break in the music and i was dead on it. its to the point i can anticipate breaks or ican recognize them and react so fast that it seems im anticipating them but i was deep in it and i paused dead on his break and i had time to think and go “woooooo” and still experience what seemed like a “long time” till the nextbeat. i was not only conscious of the time between beats but was ableto observe and participate in it.i thought this could be how rhythm could create time by heightening a persons experience of a 300MHZ computer which clocks at 300 million beats a second vs a 6000MHZ computerwhich clocks at 6000 million beats a second. in the same amount oftime (a second of “time space”) one computer can do 20x the workand have 20x the events.each beat of the clock could represent anaspect of space time or our experience of space time. what would it be ifyou could increase your awareness of space time by 20 times? if you could increase the number ofconscious instances ofspace time you are aware of. increase your experience of space time in the same timespace,then you have ina sense created space time by dividing it into smaller instances. and bycreating more instances of if i can rise up toexperiencing maybe 30 to 60 beats a second (or whatever) i have increased my sense ofexperience and in a sense made my experience of time “longer.”like i can differentiate between points in time to the point where ican experience and execute within smaller and smaller time say maybe another person has x experiences a second, when im in groove or vibrating at that higher rate ihave 5x or whatever experiences in that same time space.a person who could have 100conscious instances of experience a second would out perform aperson who has only 5 instances in the same timespace. (webserached time space and found sometimes when im in groove and maintaining abeat, it becomes “routine” as ive been in a groove forminutes and i can create beats within those beats thereby creating anotherinstance of experience or action or result or something in that space oftime or time space. i am conscious ofthe 4 or 5 beats ive been maintaining and when it becomes routine andmaybe using an unconscious rhythm i can insert another beat (at least mentally) and be conscious ofanother instance of space time and instance of conscious experience.through movement and gestures physically onthe beat i can make myself conscious of another event in the time space.another instance of space time within the same time space.while my body is keeping time in a groove i can think about otherthings and participate in other events. like driving. especially driving.driving may be the best other event. the added forward motion, the energyof that forward motion (in a groove at 70-90+ mph dancin and takinpictures)

sun ra tribute oct 30, 2003
got to mi fave on time to hit the bathroom, grab a bottled water and catch the start of the re-released digitally remastered version of sun ra’smovie space is the place. this movie parallels the p-funk story line tothe point its obvious somebody out right copied somebody else. way too too too too too similiar,right down to the villians of each wearing white suits and not, motherships, black people, race, sex, a culminating concert,philosophy, etc.the band build an ark was also good.they had a latinish, carribean, kinda bouncy groove. they did play a fewtunes on the one with funk attitude and when they did it was good. theyhad 3 girl backup singers and they were good also. got into a really goodvocal groove singing a nice tight

lettuce nov14, 2003
me, rick and wu (rick’s band’s drummer) swungup to the city to catch lettuce with neal evans sittin in on keyboards.they started late but when they did they started on it. it was like theystarted at mid show intensity on the first note. cool white dude playing a5 string bass that seemed bigger than him brough the energy early and itstayed there. not many females in the place and the one that were were thecool white white kind. very very 420 friendly in this place. soon as thelights went out people were pulling out bongs and all kinds of otherappratus and going to town. and they were very friendly and sharing. goodjambandish groove all night with some p-funk rifs thrown in the middle (a fast version of do that stuff and a couple of horn riffs).parking seemed bad at first cause we drovearound and was trippin and playin but we eventuall found a parking lot that was relatively close for only $10 and that i felt was dirt dirtcheap.

steelersvs 49ers nov 17, 2003
the energy level never really seemed to getup to where it should have been. it was a monday night game so it shouldhave been on. maybe if the steelers would have been in the game at all icould have gotten excited and when they did show sumn i did feel it alittle. but for the most part, the whole thing felt flat. i did get downlow to the cheerleaders and felt in a groove with them at the end of thegame and that may have been the highlight energy wise.the place was just gorgeous though. veryvery well lit and our seats were down low so we had a good view of thefield and stadium. it was visually stimulating and i was able to take itall in at once.should pittsburgh had won the game iprolly would have turned the stadium out. i was ready and able thoughnot properly motivated. i felt good, my vibe was on but not up. nothinghappened to really motivated me sans the cheerleaders.earlier in the weekend me and rick wentto a resturant he was taunting about quantity and quality of food that hecouldnt believe i could finish and i did and wasnt even sleepy. afterthat we went and chilled out at eric’s with marvin and eric watchin thefast and the furious on stolen satelitte when rick got sick from thefood he ate and was throwing up. we also made some music this weekendand he gave me a quick course on how to create music with the computerand midi and that sort of software.

fishbone nov 25, 2003
hanging out in hollywood i dont care i could be 150 years old and it would probably still make me feel cool to be out in the nightlife of sunset blvd. hanging out with lamar,lonnie and overton got to check out some music and videos at overtonsartist loft which in itself was inspiring to see someone not just with aliving space primarily dedicated to his craft but the “subjectmatter” that the room had and layout was very similar to the way myplace was and eventually will be again. anyhows, its hard for me not togrow ego when hanging out with lonnie, overton and the likes…fishbone was cool. as ive said before, i dont like fishbone music but i digs everyone in fishbone even with the new line up with tori ruffin, rocky george more horns and a keyboard player. spacy t and dirty walt are not with them anymore. they came out with thatfishbone music that i dont really care for but during the set there weremoments more grooveful. i like it when its more grooveful and i instantlyrespond to the music when it is.said whattup to norwood after the show and touched base with him regarding the trulio thing and that also makes me feel very very cooooooool.friendly sexy whitegirl waitresses. big fatblack bouncers, no place to sit sans a little lounge downstairs whichplayed crazy metal rock whiteboy music and not the bands performance.there were enough girls there to keep me interested and that was cool. not too many and not the overly pretty kind, good cute fun girls. in fact they had like a pillow fight thing where people got into a blow up boxing ringand pillowed fought. one of the first two girls to get in the ring was onei noticed cause of her cuteness and nice not small size. her and herfriend pillowed fought and it was corny and goofy then when they were donethey open mouthed kissed slobbering tongue. i thought that cute. norwood and sarah and another girl got in the ring next and they clowned. then maria who im use to seeing with her side kick lauren and who was looking very cute physically and spiritually got into the ring with another girl who was prolly a viper room regular cause the announcer kept hinting for her to show some tit. and oh yeah we was ridin and i was sayin that ohio is funky and naming all the funk groups from ohioand then later in the conversation we talking and i say dirty walt’s shitis funky as hell and lonnie i think said “and the columbus sanitation…” and it hit me he from ohio too!!and oh yeah flea was there on tumpet intoit and doing this hard vibrated bounce as he walked on stage and around abit. like a jack hammer it was a hard up and down. oh yeah i digged it.

trulio disgracias – dec 2, 2003
a good set, raggedy as hell but it worked. the music had a groove that moved me and more than once it even got a littledeep. started without a drummer using a drum machine that seemed to havedrums and bassline. this accompanied norwood on the mic, bass and twoguitars. then in the middle of the set a drummer from the audience comesup, gets his shit and joins them. norwood was good too with slight comedyand honesty about the music and how he wanted it played.oh yeah how the hell i forget?!!! marc cross was was on keyboards and this may have been a major key to thesuccess of the evening musically. a few times norwood told everybody tostop and follow marc and the drums. he said without the guitars there wasa lot of space and i digged this musical funk squad was brothers on drums, bassand guitar. they played some zaapa (i am the slime) along with mostlytheir original funk type music. i could have sworn once the bass playedflashlight and ofcourse i went off. theythe first band funkin pie had a lead singerwith good energy and a very very good voice. an almost glen goins typevoice but the groove jus didnt work for me. i thought i was getting sick cause i wasnt energized by the music. then norwood made a professional music comment to me that put it all in perspective.

12.02.2003 tuesday : norwood fisher present:

NORWOOD FISHER of the nationally famous “FISHBONE” brings out an all star line up of industry porfessionals in a jam-night format. The host bands are “TRULIO DISGRACIAS”, “SHOPPY”, and the “GP FUNK SQAUD”. The flyer is a must see, packed with talent that has played in the some of the worlds best bands – Doors @ 8pmheaven can be here and now, nirvana is attainable
-jeffery scott mitchell


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