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One Man’s FUNK ENTELECHY and Theory of Universe

Subjective Experience of 170+ events: 80+ concerts, 
50+ clubs, parties, parks, sports
20+ shows (broadway, vegas)
15+ art, galleries, museums: (chicago, los angeles, italy)

Detailed account of experiences within the Los Angeles funk music scene and 50+ George Clinton & the P-funk Allstars Parliament / Funkadelic concerts. 

One man’s: theory, beliefs & ideas on race, culture, god, science, society, music, dance, art, etc. Includes many personal stories and thoughts on seeing life in a most funktified way.



318 pages
6x9x.75 inches
244, 499 words
1,103,307 characters
4,696 paragraphs
17, 495 lines
ISBN: 0-9742763-0-8

Positively acknowledged by numerous P-funk band members and musicians in the L.A. area.  Special thanks for encouragement to Michael Clip Payne.Copies sold worldwide.Personal account of my introduction to the los angeles music scene and how i found the groove. (march 9, 2001 to july 22, 2004)  

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